Big girl bites & the stomach flu

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It was a big weekend at the Thompson-Hudson household. 

We kicked things off with Hadley's first bite of real life food!! As baby girl's 6 month mark has been fast approaching, Josh and I have been so excited to feed her some new and exciting flavors! She has been holding her head up on her own for a while now and can sit up on her own as well so we decided to jump the gun a few days early. 

Bring on the sweet potatoes!

We received the baby bullet as a gift for our baby shower and so far I love it. It's super easy and comes with an awesome instructional book that explains which foods to begin with and what you can add in over coming months. It also came with 12 storage cups for small serving sizes which makes life a little easier.

I think she definitely enjoyed playing/teething on the spoon more than eating the sweet potatoes, but her faces were priceless! She looked pretty confused and intrigued throughout the entire process. I can't wait for the next food... bring on the bananas! 

We had some visitors in town staying with us who have a two year old little girl so we took them to one of our favorite spots on Saturday, the DC Zoo. Then on Sunday we continued our new tradition with our 2nd Soup Sunday! This week the menu included creamy tomato soup and honey basil grilled cheeses. 

(Please disregard my classy plate)

Honey on a grilled cheese may be my new favorite thing EVER. So delicious. 

Our weekend continued into Monday for some Monday Night Football at Fedex Field. Josh and I went to the Redskins vs. 49ers game with my sister, his brother, our visitors and some friends! It was freezing but we made the best of it. Even though the Redskins ended up losing (BOO) and we also lost in Fantasy Football (double BOO). 

And on a triple BOO... I ended up catching a stomach virus that hit me at 2am that morning. I won't gross you out with the details but I was on our bathroom floor for the remainder of the night and ended up in urgent care the next day. 

The prettiest picture, ever?!

They hooked me up with an IV, a shot in my ass and some serious drugs. Luckily, the bug only lasted about 18 hours (the first 8 of which feel like absolute death), no one else caught it and I feel good as new today. And thank god for that because I was not about to miss out on Thanksgiving tomorrow!!!! Who is ready for some good food?! I'm excited to whip up some baked mac n' cheese and pumpkin cheesecake pie for the big day.

In honor of the holiday season, Jeremiah (Josh's brother), Hadley and I are enjoying the Family Stone... only one of the best movies EVER. We usually watch it on Thanksgiving night but since we are spending the holiday at my uncle and aunt's house a few hours away I figured we'd be too tired to watch it then. So why not on Thanksgiving Eve?! I love this movie so much. Completely captures the essence of a crazy, large family that I hope to have one day. And who doesn't love Luke Wilson? I mean come on. 

I hope you all have a wonderful and filling Thanksgiving! Don't forget your stretchy pants!   

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