A (belated) Thompson Thanksgiving

Sunday, December 1, 2013

After two packs of boogie wipes, throw up and a few sleepless nights... our little nugget finally got to celebrate Thanksgiving! I thought my night of endless throwing up was rough but it really doesn't compare to watching your own little babe get sick :( It was awful. But I'm so happy she is feeling better now!

We took it easy on Black Friday while Hadley was recovering (I still managed to get some online shopping in. BOOYA!) and decided to have a feast on Saturday for us and some family. It turned out to be a really great night and Hadley was able to enjoy the company. We had enough food to feed 20 people so the leftovers have been crucial. I think one of my favorite things ever might be a nice, hearty breakfast of Thanksgiving leftovers. So satisfying. 

And finally we got a nice family photo of the three of us!!! 

Saturday's feast was also a great celebration of Hadley's half birthday! Our little babe is six months old and it is MIND BLOWING how fast the time has passed. Part of me is so excited to watch her grow and learn over the years and the other part of me wants it all to slow down! Ahhh! 

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over it's time for Christmas music, movies, shopping, decor, parties and more! This is such a fun (and busy) time of year and I'm so excited to celebrate our first Christmas with Hadley. I can already picture her in her red onesie eating all the wrapping paper under the tree. Joy to the world people! 

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