Baby's 1st Christmas

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas has come and gone. It's so bittersweet! 
I want to do it all over again!

Hadley did so well yesterday I can barely believe it. She was so into the presents! By the end of the night she was ripping the paper off all by herself... and putting it straight in her mouth. So proud.

I had some of my best pals over early on Christmas Eve for what I'm dubbing "Marys, Minis & Mimosas". Everyone has moved away from where we grew up so it was really great to spend some much needed time together and indulge in a serious bloody mary bar.

The old bay rim is crucial. 

I made mini gingerbread donuts and mini stuffed biscuits. These biscuits are seriously the bomb. I loved them so much I made another batch on Christmas morning. 

I used 1 lb of sausage, 12 eggs and cheddar cheese as the filling and you'll need a can of flaky biscuits.

First, grease a mini (or regular) muffin pan. Next you'll need to split up the dough of each biscuit. If you want to do regular size you just need to split the dough in half. For minis, I split the dough into six parts... first in equal thirds, then cut that in half. You should have 48 small pieces of dough which will make you 24 mini muffins. 

Squish a piece of dough into each cup of the pan. Then fill each with lightly scrambled eggs, a few pieces of cooked sausage and some cheese (I had a ton of left over filling). Then push a piece of dough on top. Brush each with some melted butter and cook for 15 minutes at 375 degrees. 

It's hard to make the minis into perfect muffins so they turned out more like mini breakfast sandwiches. But it really doesn't matter... because they taste so good. And I love how bite size they are! Perfect for little fingers too :)

That night Josh, Hadley and I took a few pictures in front of the tree and then got ready for Santa!!! 

The next morning my mom, sister and Josh's brother came over to open gifts with us. We had more biscuits, more donuts and you guessed it... more bloodies. 

santa cake stand in Target stores

That night we went to my dad's house to continue the celebrations. Hadley put on her fancy dress and looked so cute in her polka dots.

The most attractive family photo ever?! I think so.

Today Hadley has been having so much fun playing with all of her new toys. She's also been doing laps around our family room, crawling like crazy! I can barely keep up! I think someone is going to be walking pretty soon... time to finish off that baby proofing. AH!!!

And from this almost 7 month old and myself... we hope you had the most wonderful Christmas filled with all the love in the world! 

Cheers friends! 


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