Hadley's Christmas List

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Christmas season is officially in swing and I am pumped about it!!!! Hadley and I went to Target today and let me just say... touche Target. Tou-fuggin-che. My cart was so full it was almost embarrassing. But to my defense, Josh and I own ONE Christmas decoration (other than our tree) so I had a lot of catching up to do this year. 

Right now our tree is in our living room which is pretty much as empty as when we moved in. We never go in there but there is an amazing brick fireplace which is just screaming to have stockings hung on it. I guess this holiday is the perfect excuse to cozy it up in that room as much as possible!

I also got a few decorations for Hadley's nursery.

When I saw the Berenstain Bears book I HAD to grab it. I remember my sister and I reading and watching all of those stories when we were little! If I remember correctly... I'm pretty sure we even watched them on a TV in a stuffed bear. Maybe I imagined that in my childhood... but I swear that really exists.  

I love seeing some Christmas flair in her room! I can't wait until next Christmas when she can really get excited for Christmas and Santa's visit :) I'll post pictures of her room when it's all done!

Josh is definitely a minimalist when it comes to Christmas and I, on the other hand, grew up having two Christmases every year with divorced parents (each one being Christmas on crack). I do like the idea of a few special gifts each year and hope to keep that going as Hadley gets older. Hopefully it'll be a few years before she figures out she's getting jipped ;) 

This year we got her a few Christmas books, big girl sippy cups and dish ware, the Elf on the Shelf, squeeze blocks, a Santa bib and the AWESOME Radio Flyer wagon. The last one is something I've been eyeing for a while thanks to some other mamma suggestions. Now that Hadley can sit up on her own I figure it's perfect timing! Only downside will be waiting for Spring to roll around so we can go frolicking outside!!

Straw CupBoon Squirt Spoon | Radio Flyer Wagon
Elf on the Shelf | Squeeze Blocks | Santa Bib | How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Thanks to handy dandy old Amazon I am officially done with all of her shopping. And all from the comfort of my own couch! BOOM.

Before I leave you for the night I'll show you what good parenting is all about. Hadley is teething like crazy so naturally she is putting everything in her mouth. Including this.

I can hear you germ-a-phobes cringing through the screen. Obviously I do what any great parent would do and take a picture instead of pulling her jaws off the cart. Whoopz.

Goodnight all! 

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