Let it snow!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

I guess the snow gods answered my last comment about sweating in December...

It's officially feeling like Christmas!!!! We finally finished putting the ornaments on the tree. The stockings are hung. Just waiting for a few more little details to arrive and we are all set!! 

I can't wait for next year when my little elf can help us decorate :) Right now her favorite things are looking at the tree, lights and trying to eat her Christmas books.

This weekend was the first in a long time that we've been able to relax as a family. We love staying busy but some of my favorite weekends are when we hang in our PJs and watch movies together. 

Trying to feed Hadley bananas was definitely one of the highlights of this week. She was so over the spoon and kept grabbing at the bowl so I just went with it and let her have it! How she didn't end up with bananas all over her body is beyond me. At first I thought she was trying to teethe on the bowl but then I saw her little tongue lapping up bananas. So, so funny. My little puppy? 

Pebbles also joined the party this weekend.

New favorite hair do EVER?! 100% yes. 

Today, Josh's dad and brother arrived after a two-day road trip from Montana. Hadley doesn't get to see her grandpa and grandma often so she's been having so much fun! Grandma Stacy we wish you were here too, we miss you so much!!!!

I apologize for the fuzzy, dark pictures. Not only is it gloomy as poo outside, but I've also been too lazy to take pictures with anything but my iPhone. It's just so easy to point and shoot, am I right?! Good news is I'm taking a photography course so hopefully I'll be posting some clearer images soon!! Fingers crossed people! 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have been enjoying the snow (for those of you who got some!). Stay safe & warm <3

17 days until Christmas!!!!

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