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Monday, January 27, 2014

Growing up with what I like to call a white girl afro (WGA) is tough. Especially when no one else in your family has one or knows how to tame one. What is a lost, teenage girl supposed to do?! I remember searching the internet back in the day looking for advice and coming up empty handed.

So to all my curly girls in the world... 
I present to you my guide to managing your unruly, medusa-esque locks. 

C L E A N S I N G  &  C O N D I T I O N I N G

First thing is first... conditioner is your best friend. You can think of shampoo as a friendly acquaintance. You still need to shampoo sometimes since we can't avoid sweat and dirt in our hair but only when necessary. If you shower every day don't wash your hair every time. Curly hair dries out so easily and your beautiful locks will be frizzy and frayed. I usually shampoo twice a week and condition about every other day. 

When it comes to which shampoo and conditioner to buy I think it's completely up to you. I've tried more expensive salon products and didn't notice a huge difference. I think it's more important to invest in your styling products. Right now I'm using Tresemme shampoo and conditioner for flawless curls. 

C U R L Y  S T Y L I N G

For me there is one huge importance when it comes to styling and it is frizz control. 

Fear the frizz!!!!!!

After you're done showering I have found that the best way to preserve your curls is to squeeze them dry with a towel a bit and then to let them air dry. When I'm in a rush I usually wrap my head in a towel but I try to avoid it if I can.

If you need to brush your hair, I suggest doing it while you're showering rather than after. Nothing produces frizz faster than running a brush through dry curly hair. Just don't do it!!! You can use a wide-tooth comb on damp hair, or even better, just run your fingers through. 

Now you're ready for some product.

I've always been more of a low maintenance beauty gal but now that I have a baby it's all about quick and easy. These are my three go-to products.

Moroccan argan oil makes your hair so incredibly soft and helps with rough ends as well. I usually spray this all over right when I get out of the shower and then let my hair dry a bit before doing anything else to it. This oil is also really great for when you blow dry, straighten or curl your locks. Spray it on before blow drying and spray a bit more after you're finished straightening or curling for added shine and smooth hair.

Next, I use Miss Jessie's leave-in condish once my hair is damp. It's taken many years for me to find the right products for my hair. I just stumbled upon this product a few months ago when a little sample came in my Birchbox and I am obsessed! It leaves your hair touchable, defined and best of all, frizz-free. Editor's note: You can find Miss Jessie's at Target stores.

To finish off your look or to rejuvenate your curls you can use DevaCurl mist-er right spray. This stuff is great for those days that you don't wash your hair to spruce it up and add some extra definition. 

I hope some of these products and tips will help you in your everyday battle with your lovely locks!! 

Please feel free to share any of your own tricks and favorite products... I am always on the look out for the next best thing in the curly hair world! 

Happy Monday to you all,

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