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Monday, January 6, 2014

It's a new year and everyone seems to have fitness & health on the brain... including myself. I just can't help it!

I'm officially on a smoothie kick. I have never made my own before but I used to get them on campus in college all the time. I don't have any fancy juicers but I do have a baby bullet and that thing works wonders. 

This morning I made a version of this Berry Green smoothie.

I realize it looks kind of gross in this picture, but I swear it looked more purple than brown AND tasted good! 

What you need...

Blender of some sort
1 banana
handful of blackberries (or blueberries)
handful of spinach (or kale, or both!)
drizzle of honey (used for sweetener.. can also use truvia, agave or sugar)
small handful of oats (I used my instant oatmeal oats)
handful of ice cubes
1/2 cup of milk/almond milk (optional)

What you do...

Add banana and berries to blender (add milk too if you're using it). Blend until smooth. Add in your greens and blend until leaves are broken down. 

Next, add your oats and sweetener. Blend until desired consistency. You can pour this over your ice or add ice to blender. Voila!

Next time I think I'll try skipping the sweetener. I taste tested it throughout and think it would be just as good without.

I'm always looking for something other than eggs to eat for breakfast and I love this option. It keeps me just as full and I can even add miralax to get my fiber supplement in for the day. BOOM!

So, now that we've got the healthy breakfast in... next up is the workout.

Since Hadley was born it has been a roller coaster trying to get a work out in on a daily basis. From about July through October, Josh and I had an awesome set up going. We would do crossfit 4-6 days a week every evening in our garage while Hadley napped or watched from her swing. She was always pretty entertained watching us throw our bodies around, and on days when she wanted out we would try to incorporate her into the routine. Baby arm curls anyone?

Once the temperatures took a dip we totally fell off the wagon. It's too cold to have our baby sitting outside, right?! Yes, I totally used my child for that excuse. 

So after months of inactivity, I am forcing myself to add a workout into my daily routine! I'm starting small by setting my goal at 30 minutes of exercise Monday through Friday. It helps me to set an alarm on my phone so I see that daily reminder. 

After seeing the new Toned Up show on Bravo, I've been using Karena and Katrina's YouTube videos for my work outs. They have a ton of variety, nutrition advice on their blog and daily workouts for their Love Your Body Valentine's Day challenge.  

So far I've done their booty, arms and yoga workouts and really enjoyed all three of them! They keep it a little silly and staring at their ridiculous bikini bodies is definitely added motivation. 

And what do I do with my rambunctious little angel during this time? I either put her in the pack n play with some of her favorite toys, her swing for a nap or she sits near me on the floor. She's usually pretty entertained by the videos and my movement so it hasn't been too challenging yet. 

My next fitness goal is finally getting our running stroller out of the trunk and putting that bad boy to use! But I'll probably wait until our wind chill temperature is above 0 degrees....... not cool, mother nature. Not cool. 

In other news, our little baby girl has come down with a pretty nasty cough so we're off to the doctor today :( 

Even while sick, she has managed to conquer the one thing that was keeping me sane... the stair. Our family room is one step lower than the rest of our house and it has been an awesome temporary barrier for my little crawling minion. But low and behold it only took her a few days to master the climb. 

And now she is FREE. Not only is our dog Cali terrified, but so am I. Today I found her in the kitchen holding one of our air vent covers. And where do you think it was?! In her mouth, OF COURSE. At least she didn't fall into the vent, right? My new full time job should read "baby stalker". Guess it could be worse :)

I hope this first Monday back after the holidays isn't too painful! And for any of you who are also suffering this subzero "polar vortex" I wish you all the warmth and coziness in the world!



  1. Aw this is a cute post! I have officially added your blog onto my favorites at work :) {insert thumbs up emoji}

  2. Thank you Alex!! Means so much :) I was just checking out all of your recipes and can't wait to try some of them!!


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