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Friday, January 10, 2014

Our little gal is just about seven & a half months and she is changing every moment of every day. This age has been so fun and I know it's just going to get crazier from here... I can't wait!

I've been taking a picture of Hadley every week since she was born and can't wait to put together all of the images for her 1st birthday. Here's a little throwback to her first week picture...

Such a little bunched up froggy!!! 

M i l e s t o n e s:  Now that Hadley is mobile she loves being on the floor and crawling around. She has advanced to the speed crawl & doggie crawl (insert toy in mouth and crawl). Climbing the one stair is always entertaining for her (see more on that here). She pulls herself up on anything available and falling/head bonks/face plants have become a way of life. Every time I pick her up after a nasty fall I expect to see bleeding gums or a missing eyeball but she is a resilient little sucker. 

Little girl has also started to show some really sweet emotional milestones. She is getting more cuddly and huggy (can we make this a word?) by the second and the other day I got my first open-mouthed, slobbery kiss. At first I mistook it for her trying to eat my nose but then I realized what she was doing! So cute!!!!! My heart can't take it!!!!


F a v o r i t e  a c t i v i t i e s:  Hadley loves to jump on me & Josh every morning when we bring her in the bed to snuggle. She can be pretty aggressive, I'm not gonna lie. She loves climbing all over us, slapping her arms (and my face), grabbing hair and poking eyeballs. It would be a horrible way to wake up if she wasn't so ridiculously excited about seeing us. So much energy & cuteness!! 

Peekaboo, counting to 10 and bouncing/dancing are more of her favorites. She's still obsessed with pulling DVDs off the shelves and scattering them EVERYWHERE. I figure now that she is on the move and hearing "no" much more often, I'll just let her win the DVD battle. Go for it girl! I realize this may totally bite me in the ass later. 

Licking, biting, teething on anything and everything she can get her hands on (even the floor) is still a fan favorite. 

She loves this activity table too... (thanks Auntie Brittney & Uncle Malachi!)

F a v o r i t e  f o o d s:  Hadley has been getting so many new flavors lately and so far everything has gone pretty well (minus one really unfortunate carrot experience). Her favorites are apples with a little cinnamon, mangos and avocados. Can you tell we have a fruit lover on our hands? I think next time I introduce new foods to my baby I will definitely push vegetables and blander food first so he or she doesn't get used to the sweetness. 

We've also introduced puffs to her but she hasn't quite gotten the hang of finger foods yet. Most of them end up on the floor (and in Cali's belly). When she does get one in her mouth she looks so confused/disgusted by the new texture... "mom, this isn't like my usual mush!!!!"

S l e e p:  This seems to be changing all the time now. Hadley is back to sleeping through the night pretty consistently (thank god) but the new challenge is getting her to sleep. We'll put her down in her crib and she'll sit up and cry for a solid 30 minutes. She lays on her belly, pops back up, lays on her belly, pops back up. It's like an invisible wack-a-mole game. Finally, she gets to the point of total exhaustion and face plants into the mattress. Zonker. 

This girl is a serious cuddler, which is something Josh and I love so much, but it sucks when trying to put her to sleep. I think hope she'll sleep better once she can have a stuffed animal or some kind of lovey with her. I've tried giving her little security blankets but that hasn't seemed to do anything so far. We will see!

Q u i r k s:  The other day in the grocery store I gave Hadley her bottle and she did this...

Working her abs? Training for her high kicks? Checking out her shoe? I have no idea but it made for an entertaining grocery shopping experience. 

Another one of Hadley's latest quirks is her fists. She is SO into making fists. Excited fists, happy fists, ANGRY FISTS. She does it all the time. She even has started to do it when I take something away from her or tell her no. Ahhhh, the rebellion begins.

When the angry fists come out, her face gets all red and she does this growl/grunt. Her whole body tenses up. Whenever she does it I always think, "One day she's going to surprise poop herself." 

I love spending every day with this little girl. It is so fun to watch her face light up when she discovers something new or sees her daddy walk in the door. It's amazing how fast the time flies... I seriously can't believe she's going to be 8 months old in a few weeks. It sounds so old to me!!! And every month after that just sounds like such a big girl.. it is crazy.

bow | sweater

Happy Friday to you all!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

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