A surprise to remember

Monday, February 24, 2014

The secret is FINALLY out!!! 
I have been scheming for a month now and if you know me.. you know I am horrible at keeping secrets. 

This past Saturday I threw Josh a surprise birthday party that turned into an even bigger surprise than I could of imagined!

I sent out invites about a month ago to our friends and family. A few days after that I got a call from Josh's mom and she told me that her, Josh's dad, his sister and her husband we're all flying out from Montana for the party. I could not even believe it!!!! I knew Josh was going to lose his mind!!!!

Somehow we all kept it under wraps and Josh was completely clueless. I got him out of the house on Saturday so we could get the place ready and whip up some yummy food. 

On the menu was...
And my personal favorite... mac n' cheese cups.  

That night Josh and his brother (who was helping me keep him away all day!) came home to a house full of friends and family. Josh was completely confused and surprised seeing all of us in the house. But the best part was when he turned around and saw his family standing in our hallway :) 

It was such a sweet moment that I'll truly never forget. The look on his face was absolutely priceless. And then I think pretty much everyone was in tears. So sweet!

Indiana Jones came to the party... Someone really loves his new hat!

It was so great to have Hadley's grandparents and aunt and uncle here. I'm so glad she got to spend time with them, even though it never feels long enough! 

Thank you to everyone who came for Josh's birthday surprise! We love you all so much!! 

Now to fighting off this cold before our big trip to NYC :) 

Cheers to you all,


  1. Wonderful night...mac and cheese cups were OOC

    1. Thank you to you and the rest of the Warren sistas for coming!!!!


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