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Thursday, February 6, 2014

I don't know about you guys... but I am on a serious gold kick. 

Gold accents. Gold glitter. Gold clutches, phone cases and nail polish. Gold clothes. Gold jewelry. Gold EVERYTHING.

And even gold baby toys.

I saw this little project a couple of months ago and knew I had to make some for Hadley. I absolutely love the magnetic letters for your refrigerator... but even better is gold magnetic letters!

What you need...

magnetic letters (we bought ours at Target)
plastic primer
gold metallic spray paint

I got two packs of letters so we could spell more words out.

What you do...

Spread your magnetic letters face down on a surface you can paint on in a well ventilated area. The plastic primer is very strong so make sure you're getting tons of fresh air!

I used an old sheet to spray mine but I would use something that is smoother, like a piece of paper or cardboard. Mine came out with more of a textured look because they stuck to the fabric a bit so if you want a smooth finish make sure to use a smooth surface.

Spray two coats of plastic primer on each side of the letters. I sprayed right over the magnet... they're so light it doesn't effect their hold. 

Once the primer is dry (about 10 minutes) spray two to three THIN coats of gold on each side. I started with the magnet side up again so there would be less sticking on the front of each magnet. Make sure to let each coat of primer and paint dry in between before starting another.

Let the magnets completely dry before handling. I was impatient and started messing with mine only 30 minutes after I painted them and smudged a few. Then I looked at the paint can and it said not to handle for 2 HOURS. Whoops. Definitely let them dry for that entire time because the paint will rub off on your fridge if you don't.  


These are an awesome little learning tool for your babes that actually looks good in your kitchen! And these are also fun gifts for college students or anyone with a new place looking for a quirky little decoration.

Added note: I would put a small piece of painter's tape over the magnet before you spray paint. I realize this adds a little bit of extra, annoying work to this easy peasy project but we had some paint rub off on our fridge from the magnet. I suggest using the tape to completely avoid that problem!

While these bad boys were drying (kinda), Hadley and I tackled something else I've been meaning to try for a while now... PIGTAILS.



And my favorite...

She looks so innocent and sweet in this picture... I'm sure she's thinking, "Little do they know....."

Cheers :)

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