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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Little Haddie Lu is turning 9 months old tomorrow. 
She's officially been out of the womb almost as long as she was in it. Which just absolutely blows my mind. Nothing makes you realize how fast time really moves until you make a little human and watch it grow into a big human overnight. 

M i l e s t o n e s  :  This girl is a speed demon. And not only that, she is so fearless. She loves climbing the entire staircase in one go and falling off her little rocking chair in her room on purpose. She plops on the floor with the biggest smile on her face. She stands up without holding anything for long periods of time and seems to be ready to walk any day now. EEEK. 

I still cringe every time this girl smacks her head. This week she gave herself a little shiner and even spilt some blood... how am I going to handle anything worse than that?!!!

She's also gained her first tooth!!! FINALLY. I feel like she's been teething for freaking ever. 
Now we just have to wait for the 19 others............. 

F a v o r i t e   F o o d s  :  Thankfully, our gal is quite the eater. So far she has liked almost everything we've given her except chicken. And we think that's a texture problem but who really knows?! I still make some of her food but mostly we use the easy squeeze packets. They're just too damn convenient and they have so many different options! We also have started giving her puff cereals so she can practice for her finger foods. She gets probably about 30% and Cali gets the rest, that lucky dog. The best is when I change Hadley for bed and find pieces of cereal stuck to her belly. Just saving some for later mom!!

Her favorite foods are banana, avocado, sweet potato puffs and pretty much any fruit in existence.

S l e e p  :  We FINALLY seem to be on a schedule these days. Although, now that I've said that I'm sure she'll wake up at 3am tonight just to stick it to me. Most days she wakes up around 7am. She'll take a two hour nap early in the day and a one hour nap later in the afternoon. When she's feeling really ballsy she just takes one. Her daddy puts her to sleep around 7pm and badabing badaboom, she's OUT. 

Now that she is mobile she falls asleep so quickly at night. It used to be such a battle. Now he rocks her for a bit and puts her down on her back. She immediately flips over to her belly and passes 
da f#!% out. 
It's so nice. 

We've recently put some stuffed animals and little blankets in her crib for nap time so she can snuggle and soothe herself to sleep. She is such a snuggle monster so I had a feeling she was going to love them. She really didn't seem to notice them for the first couple of weeks but now she is so cute playing and laying with them. 

When I was growing up I was obsessed with my little stuffed pup named JoJo. He even had a girlfriend puppy but I can't seem to find her. 
Seeing Hadley play with him just makes my heart smile! So sweet :)

F a v o r i t e  A c t i v i t i e s  :  Stair climbing, bouncing on anything, trying to climb in the dishwasher, eating my phone, playing in the dog bowl, playing in the trash can, trying to climb off the bed, playing with any and every electrical cord, stealing the dog's toys, eating the dog's toys and pretty much anything else she's not supposed to do. 

She's quickly learning what the word "no" means. I'll tell her no and she'll look at me, smirk a little and then do it again. The word no to her is hilarious.  
Touche Hadley, touche! 
I'm sure I'll see that same smirk when she's 13. Help me.

Q u i r k s  :  The fists are still a large part of Hadley's vocabulary. The other night she kept doing it over and over again and I thought she was going to pop a blood vessel. She has a lot of feelings. 

She also does the fists when I take her to play groups and she sees other babies. She gets SOOOO excited she does not know how to handle it. So she just squeezes her hands and grunts a lot. She is not shy at all either. She'll crawl up to any kid at the place and try to climb on top of them/steal their toy. 

One of her new tricks is something her great grandmother taught her. I really have no idea how to explain it so you'll just have to watch the video...

I am so excited to see what else in store for this little gal. I can not wait for her to start talking... Which I realize is a long ways away but I just want to hear that little voice!!!!

This weekend Josh and I are off to see some of our best pals up in NYC and I am so pumped about it! Live music, a birthday celebration and all around GOOD TIMES! I hope you all have an awesome weekend :)


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