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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

After I gave birth to Hadley, life became so intensely focused around her. 
I was (and still am) so obsessed with this new, amazing person I had to hang out with and care for that I was completely content just being with her all day, every day. 

In the beginning, it was nice just the two of us.
She didn't move much.. or do really anything other than poop, eat and sleep. We snuggled a lot and took a bazillion and one pictures. She cried a lot and so did I. She learned how to smile and I smiled right back at her. It was amazing, boring, perfect and frustrating all at the same time. Some days I was completely happy being smothered in drool, wearing my PJs all day long with my boob hanging out... while other days I craved having an adult conversation without a baby on my teet.

I figured it was time to get back out in the world. 

Before I met Josh, I was always really against online dating. I never did it and swore I never would. It just never seemed genuine to me. That is.... until I found online mom dating. I've already joined two mommy groups and a website that is like Facebook for local moms (called Mom Meet Mom if you're interested!). 
Inserting foot in mouth now.

To give myself some credit, Josh and I just moved to Maryland last year. Not only do I not know that many people in this area... I definitely don't know any moms. So I'm desperate for friends, OKAY!!! I'm in the market!!!!

Making friends with other moms feels a lot like courting a lover. Although, instead of offering a drink at the bar to catch the other person's attention.. I take full advantage of the situation when my baby tries to pull another baby's hair out. "Oh my gosh, I am so sorry about that! She's still learning what 'gentle' means. I'm Lauren by the way." Isn't this how everyone does it??

Hadley has had so much fun at the mommy-baby events and groups we've attended so far. She gets so excited around the other babies (a little tooooo excited sometimes) and the really nice part is when she zonks out so hard afterwards. I've met some nice ladies so far and can't wait to get to know more moms in our area.

Jumping back into civilization after months of hibernation with a baby can be tough but I am so excited to watch Hadley interact and make little friends of her own... 

and hopefully they'll come with nice moms too ;)


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