10 months

Monday, March 31, 2014

Ahhhhh the sun is shining again!!! 
Josh and I pulled into our driveway last night after a nice weekend out and saw the first blooms in our front yard. It was snowing when this happened but HEY it's 65° out today so I'll take it!!!! 

Yesterday our little gal turned ten months old. Double digits. 2 months away from a whole freaking year old. She's officially been out of the womb longer than she was in it. It's all too crazy!!!! I can't take it!!!!

She's walking more and more every day. Feeding herself finger foods, babbling more often, playing with Cali. I found her today playing behind our bed. She had crawled between the head board and wall. Exploring little monkey!

ooh la la onesie babyGap last year || leggings

 I love you so much little Hadley!! You make every day better than the last. 


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