A St. Patty's half pint

Friday, March 14, 2014

In honor of St. Patrick's Day this coming Monday, I want to share with you all my little half pint....

My angry little half pint.

Before Halloween of last year, Josh and I went to a beerfest and bought German costumes for the occasion. We wanted to reuse them for Halloween so we thought about what we could dress Hadley up as to match us...

The obvious choice was a beer mug.

I searched for a while online to see if there were any beer costumes out there for babies (because obviously it's a booming market) but I found nothing. So I had no choice but to make it. I hadn't sewed anything since my 7th grade HomeEc class but I bought a little kit from Hobby Lobby and got right to it!

It took me one giant mess up before I got the sizing right. The first draft was way too small and I forgot to leave holes for her arms.... whoopsie. Baby straight jacket anyone?

Just in case you want to make beer costumes for all of your babies, because who doesn't??... here are the instructions.

What you need...

1/8 yard of yellow fabric (I used a felt like material)
Cotton balls
Glue gun
Yellow thread
Saran wrap

What you do...

An 1/8 yard of fabric is way more than you'll need but that was the smallest amount they would sell to me. And it worked out because I messed up the first time so in my mind more is definitely better!

First I measured around Hadley's head, folded the fabric and cut a neck hole in the top. The idea here is that we want to sew as little as possible so if you fold the fabric at the top and cut a neck hole out then the shoulders will be done! Just make sure you fold it so there is plenty of length to make it into a dress.

I measured out the width of her head, added an extra two inches, marked it on the fabric and then cut a semi circle connecting the ends. Then I measured down the length of her body and added 3 inches to that length to give room around her body. Always add extra length because you can trim it later if you want. I made the mistake of just cutting her exact body length and it was way too small!

Once you have cut the fabric you want to make a little mark where the arm holes will be. I left about 3 inches at the top of each side for her arm holes. Now you are ready to start sewing! I just did a simple straight stitch up both sides. To make sure it was strong, I made the stitches small and close together. Once I was finished with that I tried it on her to make sure it fit this time, success!!

I then turned the fabric inside out so the sewn seam wasn't showing. Now you are ready to pen your phrase. I slipped a piece of cardboard inside of the dress so that the sharpie wouldn't bleed through and wrote half pint about halfway down the dress. Make sure you leave room at the top for your cotton ball foam!

Next, take your cotton balls and glue them along the top edges of the dress. You can slightly pull them apart so there are no holes showing.

You're almost done with your miniature beer!

I really wanted to add a handle to make sure people knew exactly what it was. I used saran wrap so it had that see-through effect. I took three long pieces of saran wrap, rolled them up and braided them together. I did this 2 more times so I had 3 braided pieces total and then braided those together.

Here's an example of one braided piece

Next I used the glue gun to attach the handle to the back of the costume so from the front you can't see the ends.

In addition to the beer dress, I also made a foam headband using the elastic and cotton balls. I glue gunned the ends together (a self-adhesive circle would hold much better!!) and glued cotton balls on part of the elastic.

And there you have it folks. A baby beer costume.

Now of course after all of that work, Hadley wore the costume for maybe 2 minutes and the headband didn't even make it on her little dome. But I saved the costume so we could frame it and put it in the bar at our new home!

Cheers to the weekend and a St. Patty's Monday !!!

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