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Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Friday my friends!

I am slowly but surely coming out of a Scandal haze. I've watched almost all 3 seasons in a matter of days. Some may see that as a problem/embarrassing but I like to think of it as an accomplishment. 

And now that I actually know what the date is and am not just living in Shondaland with Oliva Pope... I've realized Easter is quickly approaching! Time to gather some fun Easter basket goodies.

I'm so excited to put together a little basket for my girl! With some candy for me... hehehe. But seriously. We all know Easter egg holiday Reese's are the BEST. I've been eyeing that Alice in Wonderland book for a while now. The Babylit board books are so awesome for kids! They tell so many classic stories such as Romeo & Juliet, Sense & Sensibility, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, with beautiful and fun illustrations for children. I can't wait to build a little collection.

We most likely won't do an Easter egg hunt this year since she doesn't quite get that concept but I know it will be so much fun to do with her next year! I've also been checking out this colorful garland for a little Easter decoration.. so simple and cute. 

Yesterday our little gal took a header to this annoying step we have into our family room. Surprisingly, it wasn't even while she was practicing her new found mobility. Her head swelled and bruised up so fast it freaked me out... and I don't freak that easily!

As everyone keeps telling me, this is just the beginning of bumps, bruises and crocodile tears :( 

My mom reminded me yesterday of the time I hit my head when I was two and actually cracked it open. I remember playing in one of those miniature plastic chairs... rocking back and forth like they tell you not to do. Lost my balance and hit the corner of a chest. She had to call an ambulance because she couldn't drive with my six month old baby sister and hold my bleeding head together. Two stitches in this noggin, badass alert.

I don't know how she dealt with all of that craziness as a single mommy! 
I guess that makes her the real badass.

Here's to the last weekend in March, reunions with old pals and many, many beers.


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