Happy St. Paddy's!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Green greetings my friends!

Did you know it's improper to say "St. Patty's"? The Today show just informed me so now I'm all sorts of proper with my double dd's (not to be confused with my big ole breasts). 

This morning I whipped up some green pancakes... Hadley's first pancake ever! I added spinach to get the green color and some extra nutrition in there (thank you Amy over at Little Hip Squeaks for the idea!) I couldn't taste a difference at all. 

Just prepare the pancakes as you usually do (instant or homemade) and then add your spinach in last. If you use frozen spinach your mix may be extra runny so feel free to add a bit more mix in until you get the consistency you want. Serve them sweet or savory, whatever you choose!

Those flapjacks match the tea kettle perfectly. WHAT a cowinkydink. 

These would be a fun little addition to a green eggs and ham meal too :)

In other news.. it snowed. AGAIN. There are about 7 inches on the ground now but the temperatures are rising so we are hoping to get some green adult beverages in our bellies tonight! Mama needs a brew-ha-ha!

headband Little Hip Squeaks last season

I hope you too will be enjoying some green beers in all your festiveness. Nothing makes a Monday more enjoyable than a reason to party. 

Cheers you little leprechauns!! 

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