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Monday, March 24, 2014

Josh, Hadley and I took a spur of the moment trip to visit family down in Tennessee this past weekend for my granddad's birthday. Josh and Hadley had never met this side of the family before so I was very excited to introduce them to everyone and meet another new baby in the family, little Waylon!

Waylon is a few months older than Hadley and watching them play together made me want more babies. And definitely a little boy. But I'm gonna have to wait on that!!!

Hadley has been to a few play groups with other babies but she has never played one-on-one with a little pal for this long. She basically tackled him when we first got there but slowly learned what personal space means. Sorta. They had so much fun!

My dad, step mom, brother and sister also made the trip down with us. It was so nice to spend time together as a big ole, wacky family.

We also got to eat at the restaurant my Aunt works at for my granddad's birthday dinner. She's the executive chef at a historic Inn and I've never had the chance to eat her food before. It was AMAZING. And I'm not just being biased! I had her goat milk braised chicken over sweet potato mash, spinach and ratatouille. It was as ridiculously tasty as it sounds. 

I also ate a bite of everyone's dish because I'm annoying like that and everything was so incredible. I am so proud of you Ash!!! Your food is da bomb!!!

Yesterday we made the long, 9 hour trek home. Hadley actually did pretty well in the car. Josh and I were a little terrified about how the road trip would go but we managed to survive with only a few meltdowns. I think she's going to be much happier when she can face forward and see everything around her.

Today I am happy for lounging on the couch, continuing my Scandal marathons and recharging our batteries. Hadley is getting back into her schedule and just seems super happy to be out of a car seat. I'll be super happy when Winter finally exits stage left and lets Spring take center stage. The sun is supposed to return this Friday so I'll be hibernating until then. 


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