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Saturday, March 8, 2014

If you're a wine drinker, like Josh & myself, then you may too find yourself hoarding wine corks in some cute kind of kitchen thingy. 

They are adorable decorations but at some point the corks start to runneth over. That's where a wine cork DIY comes in! 

My sister gave me a version of this for Christmas with a candle in it and told me it was so easy to make. And she wasn't lying!

I decided to make one without candles so I don't have to worry about it rolling over and lighting something on fire. They're so fun and perfect for any room in the house!

What you need...

Styrofoam balls
Paint, spray paint or glitter paint
Wine corks (lots!)
Glue gun

What you do...

Start by painting your styrofoam balls. Painting something that rolls is a pain in the arse but I found an easy solution if you're spray painting is to place it on a solo cup and do one side at a time. I really love the red because it pops through the corks but feel free to use any color that works with your decor!

Let the paint dry completely before you start gluing. I started with a cork on opposite ends and then worked my way in. I tried to keep it all symmetrical but it looks good really no matter what.

Once you've filled the entire ball you are finished! Told you this was so easy. You can do this in an afternoon. The longest part is waiting for the paint to dry... which always drives me nuts.

If you want to add a candle just buy a small tea candle and use an xacto knife to cut out some of the styrofoam ball. Glue the candle holder in and then start doing the corks from there.

I was totally planning on making another big ball but ran out of corks! I underestimated how many it would take. Just another reason to pop some bottles, am I right?!


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