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Monday, April 21, 2014

As I sit here, I can here 1950s tunes softly playing from Hadley's room. "I only have eyes for youuuuu." My grandmother is up there dancing and singing her to sleep like only a great grandmother can. It fills my heart with so much joy, knowing how much family and love our little girl has around her. I feel so thankful.

Our weekend and Easter was absolutely wonderful. 

On Saturday we had a picnic down on the tidal basin in DC. The cherry blossoms were less than impressive.. apparently the week before was peak bloom.. but some great weather, delicious fried chicken and Hadley's dance moves made up for it. We also had a pretty great view of the Jefferson memorial. Hadley LOVED the fried chicken. She walked around with a drumstick in her hand for a good 45 minutes. She managed to eat all of the skin off of it and a bit of meat... even while dropping it like it's hot.

I love doing things in the city. I've grown up around DC my entire life yet there is still so much I haven't seen or done there. Time for a DC bucket list!

leggings Nordstrom Rack  ||  heart pullover 
Photo courtesy of my good friend Chelsey :)
Photo courtesy of my good friend Chelsey :)
For Easter we went to brunch with my mom and sister and then came home and took some delicious naps. Maybe it was just me who napped.... but it was DEVINE. Soon after that my grandmother and aunt came over. We watched movies, including Frozen!, ate more yummy food and relaxed together. It was low key and awesome. I loved every second of it.

Hadley got her little basket and looked at it for five seconds before moving on to something else... probably a plastic bag or cardboard box. Classic baby move. I can't wait for the egg hunt next year! I have a sneaky feeling she's going to be really aggressively into it. 

dress babyGap sold out, but they're having a huge sale today!

Yes, we let our kid run around the restaurant barefoot. We are those parents. She then made friends with this little girl and stole her brand new stuffed doggie. *Angel*

We couldn't of asked for a better weekend :) 
I hope you all had a great one too!

Mucho love,

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