I've lost my wisdom...

Friday, April 25, 2014

...teeth that is.

I am alive. The procedure went freakishly fast and oddly well. I didn't even have any funny/odd/wacky reactions to the drugs. I felt completely normal. *bummer* I know some of you were looking forward to an embarrassing video. Such great friends you are :-P

Yesterday Hadley and I had a big day in DC (running annoying errands BOO) and then we went to Chipotle for my "last meal". I had a burger later that night.... but you get it. 

I ordered Hadley her own little tortilla and filled it with parts of my burrito bowl. She was in heaven. I knew this girl was my kid. WE LOVE YOU CHIPOTLE!!!!

Fast forward to today and I've downed two bowls of Kraft mac n' cheese (the spongebob noodles are my favorite) and am straight chillin' on the couch. Getting your wisdom teeth out ain't half bad!

Since there was no embarrassing video for your enjoyment I will leave you with this...

Here's to the weekend pals!

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