Straight chillin'

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Next month is when the craziness begins. 

If everything goes to plan (fingers crossed!!!) Josh, Hadley and I will be moving to a new neighborhood about 20 minutes away from where we live now in the beginning of May. Buying our first house together has been exciting and stressful but we couldn't be more pumped about meeting new neighbors, making this house our home and raising our family there! I am less pumped about packing.... UGHHHH. 

Shortly after that Josh's family is coming to visit from Montana, we go to the beach for Memorial Day weekend and then Hadley turns 1 on May 30th. Holy fuggin' shit. The craziness!!!

So until all of that begins we've been bunkering down and enjoying this leisurely time together :) And we've been taking lots and lots of naps.

Hadley has developed a new love of pillows... including Cali's dog bed...

There's been some yummy food eating going on... more on the home made pork pot stickers and Oreo Nutella swirl ice cream later this week. Basically all you need to know for now is WOAH. YUM.

Hadley experienced her first bite of chocolate cake. I think she enjoyed it.

But she may have enjoyed her foot more...

Josh and I finally finished the Wolf of Wall Street (apparently we can't handle a 3 hour movie after 8pm anymore...... #oldfarts). I thought it was hilarious and have Leo's dance moves burned in my brain FOREVER. We started watching The Kings of Summer but didn't finish that one yet either. Seriously.... old farts. But I am loving it so far... especially the soundtrack!

Other than that we've been straight chillin'. 

Hope your weekend was filled with sunshine and lots of love :)


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