Teething: 1, me & Hadley: 0

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

When Hadley's first two teeth popped through on her bottom gum I was actually really surprised at how well it went. She didn't seem to have any pain and acted as if everything was normal. I've heard from other exhausted parents how horrible teething can be and I thought maybe we'd escape scratch free.

Oh was I wrong.

Those top two must be making some moves because Hadley has been a real treat lately. Fussy doesn't even cover it. She's clingy, constantly whining and constantly drooling. Poor baby cries way more than usual. We put her to bed at 8pm and she's up again at 10:30pm. She won't go back to sleep in her crib. And snuggling with her in bed means getting a foot to the face and her favorite game of "I'm gonna get your nipples!!!" Last night in absolute pitch black she reached over and grabbed right on to Josh's. Does our child have night vision or something???? Her aim is freakishly accurate.

And even better than just Hadley teething... I am too!!! My freakin' wisdom teeth, which are coming out in a few short weeks, are popping through the gum. I might need to steal some of Hadley's teething toys, sorry hunni!!! 

I'm actually pretty nervous about getting them out. I've never had any anesthesia before. I've never even taken a pain killer. Should be reeeeeal interesting. Josh is all excited to video tape me afterwards.. sick man!!! I won't be in my right mind! Makes me think of this classic video... so funny. The scream gets me every time. 

So we'll be over here... with ice packs strapped to our jaws and pacifiers in our mouth. Mommy's pacifier = lots and lots of wine. 

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