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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Yesterday our little gal turned 11 months old. 
I can't believe there is only one short month left until her 1st birthday!!!

M i l e s t o n e s  :  Our little monster has been walking for about a month now and she is just about running. She loves to go on walks outside in our neighborhood and I've been trying to let her walk around more when we go out on errands. You can tell she's just so dang proud. 

She's been babbling so much lately. It's the most adorable thing to see her playing with her stuffed animals and talking. I swear she said monkey yesterday. Epic first word? It's going to be so crazy when real words start coming out!! I can't wait to have ridiculous conversations with her. 

She understands clap, good job, yay, hello & goodbye, mama & daddy, Cali, come here and brush our teeth. She also understands "no" but thinks it's funny. She smiles every time. Little devil!

Her top two teeth should be popping through any day now. She's drooly as hell and her nose is always running and stuffy. And she still loves to put everything in her mouth. The other day she bit my big toe... scared the shit out of me.

Her latest signature moves are pointing at everything, one arm up in the air dance moves, squinty eyes with a big goofy smile, fake crying and sticking her lips out. She also loves to throw things. Feeding her is a complete joke sometimes. She just throws everything on the floor and likes to watch Cali eat it. She does it at restaurants too... servers absolutely hate us. 

F a v o r i t e   F o o d s  :  Luckily, our girl is still a great eater. She doesn't like to eat the baby food pouches anymore which was so convenient (except for these awesome fruit pouches!). But now she eats mostly everything we eat, which is really nice too. When we go out to eat we order her food off of the menu, usually veggies, pizza, fruit, mac n' cheese or fish. I mean 70% still ends up on the floor but we're working on it.

Her favorite foods are guacamole, chocolate frozen yogurt, bananas, chicken and peas. 

S l e e p  :  Hadley has been a great sleeper lately. Her bedtime has been slowly creeping towards the 9pm mark which we're not too thrilled about. Hopefully we can get her back around 8pm but we'll see. It's so nice to have time with Josh after she goes to bed and by 9pm we're beat (#oldfarts). She usually sleeps good through the night and wakes up around 7am. Our little cuddle bug :)

F a v o r i t e   A c t i v i t i e s  :  Hadley LOVES playing with Cali. She will carry her bones and balls around, chasing her and trying to give them to her. They play tug of war sometimes and other times Cali just runs away terrified. Now Hadley will try to give her anything she is carrying... her bottle, books, stuffed animals. Cali will look at me like, "Can I take this????" 

She also loves going to her gym class every week. We just started doing this about a month ago when she started walking. She loves being around all of the other babies and having so much room to run and play. We go to My Gym and love the programs they have. She gets to dance, sing songs, watch puppet shows, do some gymnastics and play in their awesome gym set up. 

Yesterday when we went another little baby accidentally pushed Hadley down (which is usually what Hadley is doing to all of the other babies... we've been working on her "forwardness"). Hadley sat there and stared for a good 4 seconds and then her bottom lip stuck out so far you could stand on it. It was hilarious. Later in the class her and the same girl ended up next to each other in the ball pit and Hadley basically used her head as a step stool AND pulled her hair. We are in so much trouble. 

I love spending every day with our little nugget. It's so fun to see her personality develop and be able to witness all of her milestones. I will never forget this time together! 

Happy May 1st dear friends!

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