Memorial Day recap

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Whew! What a weekend. 

We had such a blast at the beach with literally 30 family members... it was so awesome! Some of them got to meet Hadley for the first time and most of them got to meet Josh's parents for the first time too. The weather was great, the food was delish and the sunset views from our balcony were absolutely incredible.

We were so glad Hadley got to spend so much quality time with her grandparents. It's hard living so far from them and the rest of Josh's family so we really appreciated this time together. 

^^WOAH, holy 1st donut.
^^Already dancing on bars......... rutrohhhhhh

We totally expected Hadley to go crazy at the beach. My parents are always telling me stories of me sprinting towards the ocean as a baby. I grew up going to the beach so I always remember loving it when I was little. Hadley is so curious and adventurous we thought she'd be the same way... boy were we wrong.

I put her down in some wet sand and this kid freeeeeaked out. She wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with it. Which when I think about it now, makes total sense. It's squishy and grainy and so foreign. We tried to hang out with her in a little pool of water on the beach and ease her into it but she didn't give in. She walked around a bit more when we put her flip flops on but that lasted all of about 30 seconds.

 So instead we built her an island of blankets where she could roam. She cautiously stuck her toes in the sand one time and poked her finger in a few times but that was it. Too funny.

Other than the sand rejection, the beach trip was a total success. 

It was awesome to be with so much family while celebrating Memorial Day. Thank you to all of you who have served this country and given us so many freedoms! Your sacrifice means so much!

In other news, Hadley turns ONE FREAKIN' YEAR OLD on Friday. Gahhhhhh the closer it gets the weirder it feels!!!!! I really can't believe she crawled out of my vagina almost one year ago. Okay, crawl might be much but you get it. 

We'll be celebrating her birthday with lots of family and friends on Saturday and I'll most likely be a blubbering mess the entire day. Or just eating my feelings... or both. 

I hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day celebrations!! 
I say we do this 3-day weekend thing every week... who's with me???

Cheers kittens,

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