Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This past weekend Josh's parents arrived here from Montana and it has been so nice spending time with them. Last time they came to visit was for Josh's surprise birthday party. It was such a tease because they could only stay for a few days. This time they get to hang all week and come to the beach with us this weekend! We're so pumped!

Josh's mom has been working at a conference in Baltimore so we've been up there a lot doing some exploring. I can't wait to get to know this city more once we move. They're are so many interesting and eclectic spots... and lots of Diners, Drive ins & Dives featured joints I need to visit. 

We went down to the Inner Harbor and climbed to the top of Federal Hill. You get such a great view of the city up there! And there was plenty of grass for Hadley to run around.

Josh has the rest of the week off so this mama is STOKED about having all the extra hands around to help with the babe. Hadley is forever teething these days and she's been doing this thing I like to call the pterodactyl scream so that's been fun. Totes had to look up how to spell pterodactyl. Who knew there was a silent p??? The Land Before Time did not teach me that. 

The rest of this week we'll be soaking up some quality family time and then heading to Ocean City, MD on Friday morning to soak up some sun. I can't wait yet at the same time I am envisioning Hadley eating so much sand. YUK. Hopefully it'll be warm enough for a dip in the pool since she tries to climb in Cali's dog bowl every single day. She's obsessed with water! 

I hope you guys have some fun plans for Memorial Day weekend! 
Here's to the start of SUMMER!!!!


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