Hadley's 1st year scrapbook

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hi my loves! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far... almost the weekend!

When Hadley was born I really wanted to capture her 1st year of life through pictures and make a keepsake with those images. I took a picture of her every week on the same day (mostly) and on each of her monthly birthdays. It really became a fun project for me! I love that we have so many pictures to look back on and it didn't hurt that I got to practice my photog skills. You can see a reeeal difference from the beginning to the end.

At first I wasn't sure how I was going to display all of the pictures. 52+ pics is a lot to make look good in a space together and I really wanted to be able to look through them so you could see her change over time. Then I saw this DIY scrapbook on A Beautiful Mess and immediately knew it was perfect. 

And now... after over a year we finally have something to show for it!

Once I had all the images I wanted to use I had them all printed in 4x4 inch size. I used Ink361 just because I've used them before and they always do great work. They make it super easy to print directly from your Instagram too which is awesome. Plus they deliver everything right to your door so... yeah. 

I decided to make a 5x5 inch scrapbook but you could do this project in any size. I actually recommend doing larger pages with more images on each page if you have a lot of images. I love how my scrapbook came out but it is a fatty boom batty. I had to really work to get it bound!

I used card stock paper for the pages with a few decorative pages for the front and back covers. I also used stickers, stamps, washi tape and sharpies to decorate the pages. This is supposed to be the fun part so get crazy people! Decorate them however you like!

One of the biggest tips I can give you... make sure to glue your images down towards the edge of the pages. When you bind the book together you'll lose space towards the centers so you don't want your images to get cut off in the crease.

I LOVED flipping through all the pictures to see how much she has changed! It's so crazy!

To bind the book together I used a bit of tape, clips, industrial clamps (I wasn't kidding about the fatty boom batty), a paint brush, binding glue, a disposable surface and something heavy to weigh it all down. Lithco is a common binding glue used but I couldn't find it in stock anywhere so I used this one. It worked great for me!

Gather your book together and clip it all together. You can put it in a heavy book with more weight on top or use industrial clamps like I did. Once the book is together brush glue on the edges where you want it bound and lay it on something disposable. Let it set for a few hours and then reapply the glue again. I let mine dry over night and it was all set the next morning. I then put washi tape over the bound edges to give it a finished look. 

And that's it!

I can already see this pretty thing sitting on our coffee table or play room bookshelf at our new place :) I also can't wait to start making tons of journals with this binding glue.. so cool!!

Alright my peoples, time to soak up the last couple minutes of this nap time with some trashy tv and relaxation.


We're back!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Oh my goodness. WHAT a ridiculous couple of days. Josh and I are still deep in recovery mode... which has involved a lot of naps, greasy food and movie marathons while snuggling our girl. It feels so good to be reunited!!! I missed her so much!!!

The shows were phenomenal. So many talented folks in this world! A few of my favorites were Johnnyswim, Young the Giant, Misterwives, Grouplove, Parade of Lights and Bronze Radio Return. Out of over 120 shows I managed to make it to 18. My feet are still bruised and my sunburn is out of control... but it was so worth it!

Other great attractions were the hammock hangouts, which provided some serious shade and relaxation relief, and the silent disco... which was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. They give each person a set of headphones and DJs play for you. You can't hear anything without the headphones on except the crowd singing. So many dance offs... my inner wannabe back up dancer was so pleased. 

But I think the best part was when some of our sweet pals surprised us with a giant blown up poster of Hadley's face. It's become tradition (and necessary for survival) to bring in large posters so you can easily find your group at the seriously crowded concerts. We brought Hadley in and she saved so many of us from being lost for hours! I think some people were completely weirded out by seeing a giant baby face among so much debauchery but most were asking about her and telling us such nice things. 
It was so cool! 

 hat  ||  hello tank  ||  kimono  ||  moccs

After 5 days and 4 nights of sleeping on a half deflated air mattress, eating hot dogs and drinking red wine for breakfast, sweating profusely, singing until our voices go hoarse, belly laughing the days away and rocking out with our favorite bands..... this girl is fuggin' POOPED.

It's been real Firefly.
Thanks for the awesome memories.

Forever fireflyin,


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hello my party people!!

I cannot believe Firefly Festival is almost here... I'm 2 parts PUMPED and 1 part nervous. It's been months since we've been away from Hadley for an extended amount of time and this will be the longest trip yet. I know she'll be fine (and we'll be only an hour and a half away) but I'm going to miss our girl!!!! I want to bring her!

We leave tomorrow night to get set up at the camp grounds. Concerts start on Thursday night and don't stop until late Sunday evening. It's going to be ridiculous/grungy/sweaty/beautiful/tiring/AWESOME. Hopefully Josh and I can keep up with everyone else in our group. Josh usually wants to pass out early and I handle hangovers like Hadley handles having a cell phone taken away from her. Should be iNtErEsTiNg. 

I am really excited to spend this time together though :) It was because of this festival 2 years ago that we met and started this crazy journey together so it holds a really special place in our hearts.

And no festival goer is complete without some outrageous, nature-inspired accessories.
This year I've put together two super easy DIYs to complete your outfits...

First up, the FLOWER CROWN.
Duh. A no brainer.

What you need...

wire cutters
stem wire (I used 18" long wire that was sturdy)
floral tape
silk flowers

I found all of this at our local craft store.

I bought so many flowers that I had enough to make 4 adult crowns and 1 for Hadley. I'd say about 3 bunches of flowers could get you 1 or 2 depending on how full of a look you're going for.

First, trim all of the flowers off their main stem so you can easily bunch them together.

Next, take two pieces of wire and twist the ends together so you form one super long piece. Then wrap it around your head where you want to wear the crown and twist those ends together to make a circle. Remember there will be tape added so make sure you leave some wiggle room.

Now take your flowers and bunch together 2 or 3 small groups. Then attach them to the crown with the floral tape. Repeat this around the entire crown (or 3/4 if you just want them in the front). 

And it's that easy!

And of course this had to happen...

She might have to wear this every day... if only I could keep it on her head longer than 20 seconds!!!

And now for one more fast and simple festival DIY...


What you need...

E6000 industrial strength adhesive
paper, plastic or ceramic flowers
paper plate

Note: This glue is really intense. I didn't realize until I looked at the back of it today after already using it and saw something about, "A cancer risk." Say what???? It lets off toxic fumes so make sure you use it in a well ventilated space and away from any kids/babies. A mask would probably be smart too. This shit is no joke.

First, clean off your glasses to make sure there isn't any dirt or oils on there. Then squirt some of the glue on a paper plate or disposable surface. Take your toothpick and dip into the glue. Use the toothpick to apply the glue to the back of your flowers. Then place the flower on your glasses and hold for 1 minute to let it set. Repeat until you get the look you want!

Lay flat to dry. I made the mistake of propping my glasses up and some of the flowers slid right off. I would let them dry for at least an hour before handling. 

And there you have it! Some awesome dressed up specs.
I had extra sunglasses and flowers so I decided to get out of control and go for two... 
I couldn't stop myself!

Aren't hey so fun??? I can't wait to wear them!

My child is now covered in peanut butter and jelly so I should probably go tend to that situation. I hope you all have a great day and week! I'll be back next week to let you know if we survived ;)


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