Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hello my party people!!

I cannot believe Firefly Festival is almost here... I'm 2 parts PUMPED and 1 part nervous. It's been months since we've been away from Hadley for an extended amount of time and this will be the longest trip yet. I know she'll be fine (and we'll be only an hour and a half away) but I'm going to miss our girl!!!! I want to bring her!

We leave tomorrow night to get set up at the camp grounds. Concerts start on Thursday night and don't stop until late Sunday evening. It's going to be ridiculous/grungy/sweaty/beautiful/tiring/AWESOME. Hopefully Josh and I can keep up with everyone else in our group. Josh usually wants to pass out early and I handle hangovers like Hadley handles having a cell phone taken away from her. Should be iNtErEsTiNg. 

I am really excited to spend this time together though :) It was because of this festival 2 years ago that we met and started this crazy journey together so it holds a really special place in our hearts.

And no festival goer is complete without some outrageous, nature-inspired accessories.
This year I've put together two super easy DIYs to complete your outfits...

First up, the FLOWER CROWN.
Duh. A no brainer.

What you need...

wire cutters
stem wire (I used 18" long wire that was sturdy)
floral tape
silk flowers

I found all of this at our local craft store.

I bought so many flowers that I had enough to make 4 adult crowns and 1 for Hadley. I'd say about 3 bunches of flowers could get you 1 or 2 depending on how full of a look you're going for.

First, trim all of the flowers off their main stem so you can easily bunch them together.

Next, take two pieces of wire and twist the ends together so you form one super long piece. Then wrap it around your head where you want to wear the crown and twist those ends together to make a circle. Remember there will be tape added so make sure you leave some wiggle room.

Now take your flowers and bunch together 2 or 3 small groups. Then attach them to the crown with the floral tape. Repeat this around the entire crown (or 3/4 if you just want them in the front). 

And it's that easy!

And of course this had to happen...

She might have to wear this every day... if only I could keep it on her head longer than 20 seconds!!!

And now for one more fast and simple festival DIY...


What you need...

E6000 industrial strength adhesive
paper, plastic or ceramic flowers
paper plate

Note: This glue is really intense. I didn't realize until I looked at the back of it today after already using it and saw something about, "A cancer risk." Say what???? It lets off toxic fumes so make sure you use it in a well ventilated space and away from any kids/babies. A mask would probably be smart too. This shit is no joke.

First, clean off your glasses to make sure there isn't any dirt or oils on there. Then squirt some of the glue on a paper plate or disposable surface. Take your toothpick and dip into the glue. Use the toothpick to apply the glue to the back of your flowers. Then place the flower on your glasses and hold for 1 minute to let it set. Repeat until you get the look you want!

Lay flat to dry. I made the mistake of propping my glasses up and some of the flowers slid right off. I would let them dry for at least an hour before handling. 

And there you have it! Some awesome dressed up specs.
I had extra sunglasses and flowers so I decided to get out of control and go for two... 
I couldn't stop myself!

Aren't hey so fun??? I can't wait to wear them!

My child is now covered in peanut butter and jelly so I should probably go tend to that situation. I hope you all have a great day and week! I'll be back next week to let you know if we survived ;)


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