Hadley's 1st year scrapbook

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hi my loves! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far... almost the weekend!

When Hadley was born I really wanted to capture her 1st year of life through pictures and make a keepsake with those images. I took a picture of her every week on the same day (mostly) and on each of her monthly birthdays. It really became a fun project for me! I love that we have so many pictures to look back on and it didn't hurt that I got to practice my photog skills. You can see a reeeal difference from the beginning to the end.

At first I wasn't sure how I was going to display all of the pictures. 52+ pics is a lot to make look good in a space together and I really wanted to be able to look through them so you could see her change over time. Then I saw this DIY scrapbook on A Beautiful Mess and immediately knew it was perfect. 

And now... after over a year we finally have something to show for it!

Once I had all the images I wanted to use I had them all printed in 4x4 inch size. I used Ink361 just because I've used them before and they always do great work. They make it super easy to print directly from your Instagram too which is awesome. Plus they deliver everything right to your door so... yeah. 

I decided to make a 5x5 inch scrapbook but you could do this project in any size. I actually recommend doing larger pages with more images on each page if you have a lot of images. I love how my scrapbook came out but it is a fatty boom batty. I had to really work to get it bound!

I used card stock paper for the pages with a few decorative pages for the front and back covers. I also used stickers, stamps, washi tape and sharpies to decorate the pages. This is supposed to be the fun part so get crazy people! Decorate them however you like!

One of the biggest tips I can give you... make sure to glue your images down towards the edge of the pages. When you bind the book together you'll lose space towards the centers so you don't want your images to get cut off in the crease.

I LOVED flipping through all the pictures to see how much she has changed! It's so crazy!

To bind the book together I used a bit of tape, clips, industrial clamps (I wasn't kidding about the fatty boom batty), a paint brush, binding glue, a disposable surface and something heavy to weigh it all down. Lithco is a common binding glue used but I couldn't find it in stock anywhere so I used this one. It worked great for me!

Gather your book together and clip it all together. You can put it in a heavy book with more weight on top or use industrial clamps like I did. Once the book is together brush glue on the edges where you want it bound and lay it on something disposable. Let it set for a few hours and then reapply the glue again. I let mine dry over night and it was all set the next morning. I then put washi tape over the bound edges to give it a finished look. 

And that's it!

I can already see this pretty thing sitting on our coffee table or play room bookshelf at our new place :) I also can't wait to start making tons of journals with this binding glue.. so cool!!

Alright my peoples, time to soak up the last couple minutes of this nap time with some trashy tv and relaxation.


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