Toddler times

Thursday, June 12, 2014

So I guess they weren't kidding in that email when they called my baby girl a toddler.

Yesterday was a pretty good day for Hadley and I. We finally made it out of the house this week (success!!!) and she went to her My Gym class. She's been a little clingier than usual which I always figure could be because of her teeth, belly aches from starting the whole milk, sleepiness or who the heck knows what else?!!!

We came home from our ventures out and Hadley took a 2 hour afternoon nap. Which was amazing. I finally got the time to make her birthday thank you cards and get those printed. I even watched a whole movie. Like an adult one. It was awesome.

So after Hadley wakes up I bring her downstairs and she's pretty out of it still. Sleepy and really snuggly. I put her down to get her some milk and the meltdown begins... which I'm sure sounded something like, "MAAAAAAAAOM PICK ME UP, PICK ME UP, WHAT IS WRONG WITCHUUUU???"

I come back and offer her milk. She takes the bottle and throws it. At least this time it didn't hit me in the face and bust my lip open like before.

Then I put my arms out wide offering to hold her but she is too far gone.
She wants NOTHING to do with ANYTHING.

She starts wailing and rolling around on the floor like an absolute nutcase. Over and over again.. from one side of the family room to the other. She rolled into her toys at one point.. looked at them like, "Who the fuck are you?" and continued on with her business, rolling and screaming.

I tried my usual tricks.. take her outside, try to feed her, try to hold her, try to distract her. But nothing worked.

This carried on for about 10 minutes which is when I started to crack. One second I found myself about to bust into tears and join in with her and then the next I was chuckling because the whole situation was just out of control ridiculous.

FINALLY she takes her pacifier (which we're trying to get rid of... desperation) and lets me hold her. I offer the milk again after a few minutes and she takes it like she hasn't had a drink in days. 
Seriously kid???   

Minutes later she is the happiest camper, like it never happened, while I'm sitting there pouring a (vurry large) glass of wine thinking holy shiiiit and we want MORE of those things???

Later that night, after flashing us happy grins and giving us kisses, I found her snuggling against this giant gorilla and remembered why we want more of these little monsters. 
Tantrums and all. BRING IT ON! MAMA IS READY.

Side note, one of my good ole pals Chase gave Hadley this giant gorilla for her birthday. We deemed him Chinchilla the Gorilla and have been snuggling against him since. I found out later that this mighty beast was given to Chase by another good friend of ours, Sarah, back in college. It was her childhood gorilla. She got it when she was 6 years old which makes Chinchilla almost 20 years old himself. So not only has this big guy been a great childhood snuggy to Sarah but he has also seen some serious debauchery down at Radford... which is just, perfect. 
So thanks Chase and Sarah!!

Here's to a tantrum free day :)

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