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Monday, July 14, 2014

You guys! 

I am so sorry I have been so MIA lately... things here are crazy, as per usual.

Josh and I spent last week and most of this weekend unpacking. If you've ever tried to unpack with a tiny human running around you'll know that it's pretty much impossible. My mom took Hadley for the weekend (thank god) so we could get some things done and we even squeezed a date night in! BOOM!

Last week Hadley and I tried to get out of the house as much as possible since we currently have zero furniture and her toys were mostly packed. We went to the pool with one of my good friends from high school and my little brother and sister. This was the first time Hadley spent a lot of time in the deep end  in her awesome floaty and she seemed to really like it! Then we went to watch my little brother at his swim meet and Hadley was loving all the attention from the other big kids around her. 

 hot air balloon leggings 

We've been on the hunt for tons of furniture and pieces to make this place our home! Lucky for me Josh is cool with selling his "bachelor pad" furniture so we can get some stuff both of us  I really like ;) Just kidding, we're working on compromise! We discovered when we we're looking at buying a new house that his style is more contemporary and mine is more farmhouse so we're trying to blend them together as best as possible. AKA I'm telling him, "Just trust me.. I watch HGTV all the time!!!!!" So obvi I'm an expert.

I'll put a post together of my latest home decor "crushes" for you guys this week :)
Once we've got this place put together a little more I'll give you a little virtual tour!

In other news.. Hadley had her first kid's meal from Chipotle today. ALERT THE MEDIA. No but really, I've been Chipotle obsessed for years so this was a great milestone. I've always wanted to order one of those mini bags of chips. And chocolate milk. 
I swear I didn't steal them from her...

 I hope you all had a great weekend and are surviving this Monday back on the grind. It was a painful one for me since apparently my hangovers like to last 36 hours now but HEY we're getting a couch on Wednesday so WOOHOO!!! Goodbye camping chairs, it's been real. 


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