Holy balls.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Good god.

These last 5 days have been absolutely out of control.

Josh and I moved back to DC this past weekend. I had no idea we had so much stuffffff. It took us forever. Uhaul was out of trucks which was such a pain in the arse. It was mostly just Josh and I trying to load everything up (with Hadley strongly objecting) and we've lost a lot of sleep and a shit ton of sweat. But we're here now! And we're so excited to be back in our condo.

Josh bought this condo right after we first met. We have so many amazing memories here. Our love grew here. We found out we were pregnant here. Even though we are literally camping in doors at this point... it really feels like we're back home.

My face during 99% of the process.....
Right now this is a temporary move. We're waiting for paperwork to go through for our new house and trying to save some dollars in the process. Pieces of us are excited for the new house and other parts of us just want to settle here where our relationship began. Basically we have no idea where we will be in the next few weeks but we're rolling with the punches and excited to soak up all that DC has to offer. This city is seriously the coolest! I can't wait to go exploring with Hadley.

Hadley (and Cali!) has been such a trooper. We literally finished loading up the stuff at 3am last night and woke her up to turn the truck back in, slept on an air mattress in our old place for the night and then came back here this morning. Through all the changes and commotion she's been so great. She loves exploring this new place and I just love her so much for her fun loving attitude :)

Thank you to all of you guys who have been so supportive through all of this! While things are a bit bonkers right now we really can't wait for what is in store. You just never know what life is going to bring, am I right???

Love to you all,

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