Hadley's latest: 14 months

Monday, August 4, 2014

Another weekend come and gone.

We had a great time with Josh's parents and miss them so much each time they head back to Montana. We so cherish the moments Hadley gets to spend with them!

Hadley hit the 14 month mark last week and boy have things changed even since her 1st birthday! 

M i l e s t o n e s  :  On Hadley's last update she had 5 teeth and now she's up to 8, and pretty positive she's going on 9. So far she's only bitten Josh once so we're proud of that ;)

Probably the biggest change lately has been her separation anxiety. It's sky rocketed in the last few weeks. Even when she's with family and familiar faces she reaches for me and cries until she's in my arms. I love having her love on me so much but hate to see her turn away from her other family members! They say it peaks now and can last until 18 months so we'll see how long it sticks around.. hopefully not too long!

She's still just babbling and not saying words. She says the "mamama" and "dadada" sounds when she wants us but they're not quite distinct. She is, however, understanding more and more when we talk to her. She reaches out her hand when she wants things and points to everything. It's going to be so crazy to hear her talk to us!

One of our biggest milestones this month was kicking the bottle! We're so proud of our gal!!! We've been using sippy cups and cups with straws for about a month now. We thought it would be a challenge for bed time and early in the morning but we haven't had any trouble.

F a v o r i t e  F o o d s  :  Our girl is still a great eater. She can eat anything and everything now and hasn't shown signs of any allergies, which is AWESOME. She loves avocado, pasta, apples and pretty much any fruit you give her. Unfortunately, most of her food still ends up on the floor but she is workin hard on those fork skills!

S l e e p  :  The separation anxiety has been rough on our girl when we put her to sleep. Up until now we would lay her down for nap time and bed time and she would lay there happily and eventually fall asleep. Now she stands up and screams when you walk out of the room. Sometimes it lasts for 5 minutes and sometimes it lasts for 20. 

She'll sleep through the night on a good day and on the not-so-good days she wakes up and cries out for us a few times a night. Every now and then we would bring her into bed with us to fall back asleep but not only is she a bed hog (like her mama) but she also rolls around like crazy. Josh literally caught her body from rolling off the end of our bed with his foot so we've stopped doing that. 

F a v o r i t e  a c t i v i t i e s  :  She is still in love with her baby dolls and stuffed animals in general. She watches animated movies now and sings to them. Frozen for the win! Her little voice is SOOO cute!!!! She adds her little dance moves in sometimes too.. mostly stomping her feet and spinning in circles. 

Another favorite activity of hers is doing everything we tell her not to do. She is testing the boundaries so hard these days!!! As you can see below. Little spit fire is gonna get it!

Through all the tears, teething and tantrums we couldn't be happier as a little family of three. All the smiles and giggles sure do make up for it. We love you Hadley!


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