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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy weekend pretty people!

We've been having a wonderful Saturday over here.. relaxing, watching tons of Disney movies and making some yummy food. We even got in a family nap. SCORE.

I thought I'd share a few things I've been obsessed with lately just in case you might become obsessed as well ;)

[1] This cake carrier from Target's Cake Boss collection is da bomb dot com.

And so is this strawberry shortcake
Because you know... cake.

Which leads us to...

[2] Food.

I guess this one is more of an always love than latest love but I've been cookin up a storm lately and stumbled on some new favorite recipes.

Last night we cooked up some beer can chicken and cauliflower mac n cheese. Both of which were yummy beyond belief. 

If you've never heard of beer can chicken before.. you basically shove a half full beer inside a chicken (dead chicken preferably) and cook it over indirect heat. The beer steams the chicken from the inside out and makes it super tender. We rubbed our chicken down with Italian seasoning but you could do whatever your heart desires. I think for the cauliflower I might try spicing it up next time with some red pepper flakes or cayenne. Take it to the next level. 

Hadley had french toast last weekend and went crazy for it so it's becoming a little bit of a Saturday tradition. 

Just mix a few eggs, whole milk or half/half, cinnamon, vanilla extract and sugar in a bowl. Coat some pieces of bread in the mixture and cook up on a hot skillet. Top with some butter and syrup!

I think next weekend I may have to try this version

While we were whipping up her breakfast she comes waltzing out of the bathroom with this around her neck.

I'm not sure where she learned such a classic scarf technique. 
"Just keeping my neck warm with this toilet paper, ma!"

[3] We just bought this duvet from Urban Outfitters and I lurrrve it. 

Such a simple design with just enough color to build on for the rest of the room!

[4] I came across the Twirl Shop last week and had to get one of the skirts for Hadley immediately! Sooooo cute and fun! You could pair any of them with leggings or tights for an adorable Fall outfit too.

[5] Is anyone else obsessed with all the beautiful hand drawn calligraphy work that shows up pretty much everywhere these days? Menus, wedding invitations, shops, logos.. you name it. 

I've been admiring Laura Hooper's work on instagram for a hot minute and just saw that she's coming to DC for a class! SIGN ME UP!

[6] After our little fiasco on Wednesday (you can read more about Hadley getting locked in our car here... it was real fun) Josh sent me this video to cheer me up :)


Have a great Saturday!!!!

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