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Friday, August 15, 2014

Our little Hadley is not so little anymore. 
She's now super mobile, feeding herself (and Cali), destroying everything in her path and really, really trying to talk. Life is definitely different with our toddler versus infancy and babyhood so I've put together some of our must haves to surviving the toddler tornados. 

BOB Revolution SE Single Jogger Stroller - We received this stroller as a gift from my mom and absolutely love it! It's easy to manage with one hand, has a large basket underneath and Hadley is comfy inside. It also folds up really easy. Compared to some of my other dream strollers on the market (like this one that charges your phone... COME ON) it's a little more affordable. 
The only thing I don't love about it is that the seat back doesn't sit up super straight so Hadley is always a little reclined. For a babe who likes to see EVERYTHING that is going on it's annoying. Luckily, it's not too hard to jimmy rig it ;)

Munchkin Easy Close Metal Safety Gate - Our new home here in DC has A TON of stairs. And by a ton I mean 4 flights to the main level and one more to the bedrooms. Holy leg work out, right?? The living space is open to all the stairs so we had to figure out some way to block Hadley from them. The Munchkin metal gate works great for us. It's a large opening and they had big enough sizes to accommodate. The door opens and closes really easily and installation was relatively simple. 

mOmma Straw Sippy Cup - Now that Hadley is offish off the bottle it's all sippy cups around here. She prefers straws over the traditional sippy cup and this one is great for no spill. It also has a cool twist top so you can store the straw part while on the go to keep it clean.

Kidco Adhesive Mount Magnet Lock - Having to childproof your home isn't the prettiest of things. One of the things that bugs me is the cabinet locks on the outside of the doors. Not only are they annoying but they're just plain ugly. So when I heard about these magnet cabinet locks that go on the inside I was intrigued! First we tried this kind that has been getting lots of positive reviews but they did not work for our cabinets at all. The latch piece was too short and it required a drill to screw them to your cabinets. We weren't crazy about drilling into our nice cabinets and Josh was ready to punch something after trying to install them. He's the gentlest giant around so that says a lot. 
After that fiasco we gave the magnets one more try and opted for this version. So far we love them! The keys work well, you can disable the lock when the babes go to bed and installation was a million times easier with the adhesive. It also comes with screws if you want a stronger hold.

Munchkin Snack Catchers - Hadley is becoming little miss independent so we've gotten her her own plates, utensils and bowls. While her spoon practice is adorable, most of the time she deliberately flings food with it and then picks up her plate and dumps food all over herself and the floor. Our dog, Cali, comes in handy every night for clean up duty. So I'd suggest getting one of those too ;) 
These snack catchers are the best for on the go and even when just hanging at home.

LeapFrog my Pal Violet - Violet and Hadley have become fast friends. She loves toting her around and listening to all the music she plays. Violet can be programmed on your computer so she knows your child's favorite songs, foods, colors and their name. Hands down, my favorite feature is the bedtime music. When I put Hadley down for her nap or bedtime I press it three times so it will play for 10 minutes. It seems to really help soothe her to sleep.

Frozen - Okay. I can't even begin to form words for my love of this movie. Did that sentence even make sense?? Do you see what I'm saying???
Not only is it adorable and the music is fantastic, but it has given me some FREEDOM. I've been able to actually get some work done thanks to this movie and have considered writing a thank you note to everyone responsible for this flick. It is serious baby crack. 
When Hadley comes in bed with us in the morning she points at the TV until Frozen comes on. I get to slowly wake up (morning person alert, not) while she eats her cheerios and dances to the songs. If we're home and I've got things to do I'll put it on again later. Every time she sees it it's like she's seeing it for the first time. If she's crying she'll stop when she hears the opening song. I love you, Frozen.
You can see her dance moves and singing skills in this video :)

Infantino Vibrating Teether Strawberry - The other day Hadley figured out how to make this thing vibrate on her own and she now carries it around in her mouth like a dog toy. Look ma, no hands! So great for all those angry teeth still coming in. 

Britax Marathon G4 Plus Convertible Carseat - We've been on the hunt for a new car seat that Hadley can use for years to come and I think I've found the winner. We haven't purchased it yet so I can give you the full update another time but this one got great safety ratings, has a nice design and great reviews. It works for rear facing babes up to 40 lbs and then you can use it front facing until they're 70 lbs! Mama like!

And there you have it. Some ammo to survive the crazy days of toddler land. I'm sure this was just what you were looking forward to on your Friday night :)

Here's a few pics from our week... I hope you guys have a wonderful & wacky weekend!!

Those chipmunk cheeks! She's definitely hoarding turkey leg in there.



  1. my three year old miss audrey loves Frozen too. i love that photo of your girl with the teether.. sooo cute!

    1. I don't think the love for Frozen will ever die! She's still obsessed months later :) Thank you!!!


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