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Monday, September 8, 2014

Good morning beautiful people!

I hope your first weekend of September was all you hoped it would be.
We stayed pretty busy over here with BBQs, lots of baking and some winning(!) Nationals baseball. 

I've been storing old bananas in our freezer and it was starting to get out of control in there so Hadley and I tackled those on Friday. I think we baked 60 cookies with those suckers. I found these breakfast cookies a couple months back and they are SO easy to make and even easier to grab in the morning to get your day going. I mean if you can eat a cookie for breakfast why wouldn't you?! 

All you need is over ripe bananas and oatmeal. Mix together and bake at 350° for 15 minutes. You can add in whatever your heart desires to the mixture before baking. We did a batch with chocolate chips, one with nutella and another with walnuts, honey and peanut butter. 

We also made some chocolate chip cookies with coconut oil instead of butter. This may be my new favorite recipe for chocolate chip cookies.. they were so soft on the inside and crunchy on the edges. You can taste just a hint of coconut and it gives them an extra little sweetness... DELICIOUS.

This week I've decided it's time to bust out our popsicle molds and make some for the first time! Summer may be over but we can keep the spirit going!!! I'm trying to decide between this pineapple peach recipe and this kiwi one... both look AHmazing.

Yesterday we hit up the Nationals vs. Phillies game with my pops, step mom, little bro and sister. The Nats lost to them on Friday and Saturday but managed to pull out a win yesterday! Hadley had lots of fun eating french fries, ice cream and running through the aisle. She danced to all the baseball songs and clapped along to the cheers. Such a blast :)

This week we'll be working on getting some more rooms set up here.. mostly just bathroom and office storage that we desperately need. I'll also be getting the last few details set up for the Forever Fireflying etsy shop!!!! Hopefully I'll be able to show you a few sneak peaks in the next few days :)

Mucho love to you all!!

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