Hadley's Threads: Metallic scallops & leather

Friday, September 19, 2014

Another day, another microfashion event.

Does it get better than metallics and leather?
I don't think so.

I found this adorable, metallic scalloped tee shirt on Etsy (go figure) when Hadley was a wee one and have been waiting for her to GROW. That little nug is all limbs like her father. We purchased the gold scallop but she currently only has copper listed in her store, which looks very similar.

zombie in training? 

shirt // the scalloped window
leggings // babyGap last year
leather bow // sadie sky boutique
moccs // freshly picked

In other news, we survived a serious toddler wipe out this week. I usually use plastic tumblers for my water but the other day I used a big, fat mason jar instead. Hadley always drinks out of mine so I let her have it. She walked away with it in her hands and tripped... and then proceeded to belly flop in shattered pieces of glass.


I think I had about 5 million horrific images play through my mind in the 0.5 seconds it took me to get to her. DID YOU CUT AN ARTERY??? WHERE IS THE BLOOD COMING FROM???

After several stressful minutes of scanning for cuts and pieces of glass stuck in her skin I could see she didn't cut anything major or need stitches. She wouldn't sit still for nothin so I rushed her to the tub and tried to doctor her up best I could. She walked away with tiny scratches on her belly, arm and hand. WHEW, THANK MY LUCKY STARS.

Have you ever attempted to put band aids on a 15 month old?
That shit does not work.

Yay for tiny miracles and FRIDAY.

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