Happy Halloween!!!!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday is here and it's such a festive one!!!!!
Don't you love when a fun ass holiday falls on a weekend? Now if only I could drink the good stuff....

Pumpkins? We tried.

I am super happy to report that I officially finished Hadley's costume!!! And someone even guessed what it was (you go, Corinne!)...

Boo from Monsters, Inc.! In her monster costume.

Now lets pray we can get it on her body long enough to snap at least ONE PIC, PLEASE. 
We'll see...

Josh and I are also dressing up.. we like to keep things in the family. So I'll be rocking one giant eye on my belly as Mike Wazowski and he'll be the furry giant that he is in real life, Sully.

We can't wait to get the celebrations started!

Happy candy hunting and spiked cider drinking. 
I wish you all the spookiest (and safest) of Halloweens :)

Birthday celebrations + baby number two

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I've officially kissed my 25th year goodbye and welcomed a brand new year. 
And with babe numba two on the way I'm sure it'll be another wonderful and wacky year!!

And speaking of baby number two.. 

We are so excited about adding another little gal to our family :) When we saw her on the ultrasound it was so incredible. We haven't seen her since she was a tiny little bean at 6 weeks.. I couldn't really see her at all then. 10 weeks later, she's growing so quickly and moving so much! We could see her wiggling around on the screen and I've been feeling her movements often these days. 
I just can't wait to meet her!

Hadley still doesn't quite understand what is going on. She came to the ultrasound with us and when we told her she was having a little sister she pursed her lips like, "I don't care, let me run some more!!!!" 

For the rest of my birthday, Josh and I spent the day together just the two of us which we haven't done in a hot minute! We grabbed some appetizers and drinks outside in Old Town Alexandria and then went to see Gone Girl. I loved the book and thought the movie was great, too. The acting was phenomenal. And superrrrr creeepy.

Then we went home to hang with our girl and eat lots of birthday cake :)

Today, we'll be running around with our heads cut off trying to get these Halloween costumes all finished up! I'm happy to report I am done with the sewing machine and Hadley's costume is just about finished! It's a little snug but I think it'll work for a few hours... fingers crossed. Mine, thankfully, is nice and loose so I can fit this growing 4 month belly in there! WOOHOOOOO is this pregnant lady ready for some Halloween candy!!!!! 

Don't forget you can receive 20% off anything in the shop through tomorrow using the code "BESCARY20" at checkout! 
Next week I'll start releasing some fun holiday prints and cards... I am so excited for you guys to see all the silly Christmas goodies I have coming!!!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of this festive, spooky week! 

Our weekend

Monday, October 27, 2014

Another weekend gone, another Monday here.

While I'm dragging my feet a bit today and could probably hop back in bed for at least 4 more hours.. I am super stoked for this week and weekend ahead! 

Before I dive into that ish, lets talk about the blasted sewing machine that has plagued my weekend.

So, I don't know why I thought this was a great idea.. but I've decided to take my Halloween costume making to the next level by making Hadley's entire costume this year. I did sew Hadley's half pint costume last year.. but I did it (badly) by hand and it was a much smaller project. 

This... is another type of beast.

I've never used a sewing machine in my life so I went to Youtube thinking it'd be pretty simple to get it set up and just turn that bad boy on, right? Wrong. The model I rented is a little outdated so it was a challenge to find any videos on Youtube of the exact model. Instead, I had to piece together bits from different videos to finally figure it out. After two hours and a lot of curse words, I finally got it threaded and ready to sew. 

Luckily, the costume I'm making for Hadley does have a full tutorial on Youtube (PRAISE GOD). So far, things are going relatively smoothly and I think I might be able to actually get it finished by Friday night.. fingers & toes crossed.

Any guesses on what she's going to be?! 
I can't wait to show you all the final product!

The rest of the weekend we went to play at Hadley's new favorite playground, watched lots of football and I took an awesome calligraphy class taught by the amazing Laura Hooper. 

If you're interested in taking a class yourself or purchasing her calligraphy starter kit, check out her website. The class is a bit pricey but I think it was so worth the money. You get lots of take home goodies, 3 hours of class and personal help from Laura herself, a starter kit to bring home and business tips and tricks that Laura has learned over the years. 

If you want any wedding or just beautiful handwriting inspiration, definitely follow Laura on instagram! I love seeing all her beautiful work on my feed.

The class was run out of Karson Butler Events' design studio in Capitol Hill. The space was AHmazing.. an old carriage house decked out in white exposed brick and wood beams, tucked away in a quaint alley. Holy amazeballs. Talk about a dream office. 
If you're looking for wedding or special event services here in DC or in Cali, these gals are the bomb.

I found Hadley watching Matilda like this and immediately thought, holy hell this is hilarious // I really hope there's no poop in there that she's playing with.

OKAY, about dis week. 


TOMORROW, we go to the doctor and get to find out...

This pregnancy has felt very similar to when I had Hadley but a little different in the sense that we've known about this babe much longer than our little surprise :) I feel like I've been pregnant for so long already when really I'm not even halfway there. It hasn't felt real up until the last few weeks... I've been feeling little flutters more and more as baby #2 gets bigger and bigger. There are few things as special as feeling those first little movements. 
So exciting!!!

Josh is convinced it's a boy since we both think I've been a little extra "fiesty" this time around. 
I've got a feeling that it may be another girl. Obvi, we will be so pumped either way :)

What do you guys think it'll be?!

Tomorrow is also my 26th birthday! 
It's kind of great since we found out we we're pregnant with Hadley on my 24th birthday and will be finding out the sex of baby #2 this year. Two of the best birthday gifts a gal could ask for!

The rest of this week we'll be gearing up for Halloween on Friday! We still need to carve our pumpkin and make some festive treats for my parent's Halloween party. We'll be trick or treating with Hadley for the first time in an old, historic town near my mom's place. It should be perfectly spooky, I can't wait!

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.. hopefully this week will fly by so we can get our Halloween on. 


Halloween: Costume frenzy

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween is officially less than 10 days away and if you're anything like me.. you may be waiting until the last possible minute to throw together a costume. 

Having a baby to decorate has made me slightly more prepared so I thought I'd share some fun costumes I've come across in case you need some inspiration!

Now, if you have 12 little girls in your family this costume is an absolute MUST. But since I'm guessing that only applies to a select few... this is still a super cute idea!! Hadley and I both love this book (and movie) so I know she would love it.

How flippin' cute is this?!!!!!! This DIY (full instructions in the link below) is really all about the bonnet and simple enough anyone could do it. I just love all the colors, especially with those baby blues!

Have I mentioned I've been deep in an Office marathon for months now? I've been watching from the beginning (for the first time.. late to the game) and am finally closing in on the end. So obviously, when I saw precious Jim and his "Face-book" I couldn't resist including this. 
GENIUS, punny and easy-peasy.

This costume is SO clever and will cost you less than $20!
Find how to make it in the link below.

And of course your little tyke could save ET, too!!

A baby grandma? Need I say more?
This one is especially perfect for early walkers :)

This would be a super easy couple costume to put together and you can get the full DIY deets at the link below. The crown is such a nice touch... I love a good pun!

Do I even need to explain my love for this one?

And in case you want to be your own burrito.. this costume took all of about 3 minutes to make right before I left the house.

Get yourself some Chipotle because you'll need a bag of chips and whatever other Chipotle goodies you want to include. I entered into a costume contest and received 2nd place with this bad boy.. probably because I threw chips into the crowd. Everyone loves a bar snack. 

Wrap yourself in some seran wrap, followed by some tinfoil. Secure the tin foil with some tape. Stick a printed chipotle sign on the front and if you're feeling extra frisky, put something on the back like, "Unwrap me and dig in." Sorry, mom.

Side note, make sure to wear clothes underneath. This costume will not last you past 1am. Sitting is also completely out of the question.

And there you have it! Now I really want Chipotle, WAHHHHHHH.

I hope these costume ideas light a Halloween fire in your belly!


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Be scary

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Good morning friends!

I just wanted to pop in and drop a nice little coupon code to celebrate the rest of this spooky month :)
Good until Halloween, use the coupon code "BESCARY20" at check out for 20% off the entire shop! 

Visit the shop here to check out all the goodies.

Double, double, toil & trouble you little witches!

And three becomes four

Monday, October 20, 2014

This weekend went by way too fast and I'm feeling a little salty towards this Monday.

But...... I am excited to announce...

We're having another baby!!!!
Coming April 2015 :)

I've been dying to let this secret out on the blog for weeks now.. it's really hard not to write about the massive amounts of food I've been consuming or the woes of the first trimester. But the time has come and we are so excited to share this news with you all!!!

Yesterday we went to Montpelier Farms to take some pictures, hunt for some pumpkins and explore all the festive activities there. Hadley has a new obsession with slides after her and Josh went bonkers at the playground the other day so she had to check out every single one. We started calling them suicide slides because they were literally the fastest, steepest slides in all existence. Hadley didn't seem to care.

It was a beautiful (and real windy) Fall day! 
October is definitely here!

I'm so excited our little Hadley girl is going to be a big sister. I think she's really going to love helping us with the new baby like she takes care of her baby dolls. My heart feels so big when I think about it!!!

I'm into the second trimester now and tomorrow I'll be 15 weeks along. We find out the sex (hopefully!) next week!!! I can't wait to start putting together a new nursery and some outfits :) 

It's crazy to think this time next year we'll have two babes roaming our house. I'm sure it'll be as chaotic and beautiful and fun as I think it's going to be... hopefully more on the fun side ;)

I want to give a big THANK YOU to Sarah Hodzic of Blink Photography for making Hadley's custom screen print "big sis status" shirt. We love it so much! 
You can check out Sarah's other screen print tees and photographs at her shop Blink Photography.

We can't wait for this next adventure in our lives and will share all the TMI details with you along the way. Because I'm sure you were looking forward to reading more about my poop problems....

With love + more crazy chillins,

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