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Monday, October 20, 2014

This weekend went by way too fast and I'm feeling a little salty towards this Monday.

But...... I am excited to announce...

We're having another baby!!!!
Coming April 2015 :)

I've been dying to let this secret out on the blog for weeks now.. it's really hard not to write about the massive amounts of food I've been consuming or the woes of the first trimester. But the time has come and we are so excited to share this news with you all!!!

Yesterday we went to Montpelier Farms to take some pictures, hunt for some pumpkins and explore all the festive activities there. Hadley has a new obsession with slides after her and Josh went bonkers at the playground the other day so she had to check out every single one. We started calling them suicide slides because they were literally the fastest, steepest slides in all existence. Hadley didn't seem to care.

It was a beautiful (and real windy) Fall day! 
October is definitely here!

I'm so excited our little Hadley girl is going to be a big sister. I think she's really going to love helping us with the new baby like she takes care of her baby dolls. My heart feels so big when I think about it!!!

I'm into the second trimester now and tomorrow I'll be 15 weeks along. We find out the sex (hopefully!) next week!!! I can't wait to start putting together a new nursery and some outfits :) 

It's crazy to think this time next year we'll have two babes roaming our house. I'm sure it'll be as chaotic and beautiful and fun as I think it's going to be... hopefully more on the fun side ;)

I want to give a big THANK YOU to Sarah Hodzic of Blink Photography for making Hadley's custom screen print "big sis status" shirt. We love it so much! 
You can check out Sarah's other screen print tees and photographs at her shop Blink Photography.

We can't wait for this next adventure in our lives and will share all the TMI details with you along the way. Because I'm sure you were looking forward to reading more about my poop problems....

With love + more crazy chillins,

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