Halloween: Costume frenzy

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween is officially less than 10 days away and if you're anything like me.. you may be waiting until the last possible minute to throw together a costume. 

Having a baby to decorate has made me slightly more prepared so I thought I'd share some fun costumes I've come across in case you need some inspiration!

Now, if you have 12 little girls in your family this costume is an absolute MUST. But since I'm guessing that only applies to a select few... this is still a super cute idea!! Hadley and I both love this book (and movie) so I know she would love it.

How flippin' cute is this?!!!!!! This DIY (full instructions in the link below) is really all about the bonnet and simple enough anyone could do it. I just love all the colors, especially with those baby blues!

Have I mentioned I've been deep in an Office marathon for months now? I've been watching from the beginning (for the first time.. late to the game) and am finally closing in on the end. So obviously, when I saw precious Jim and his "Face-book" I couldn't resist including this. 
GENIUS, punny and easy-peasy.

This costume is SO clever and will cost you less than $20!
Find how to make it in the link below.

And of course your little tyke could save ET, too!!

A baby grandma? Need I say more?
This one is especially perfect for early walkers :)

This would be a super easy couple costume to put together and you can get the full DIY deets at the link below. The crown is such a nice touch... I love a good pun!

Do I even need to explain my love for this one?

And in case you want to be your own burrito.. this costume took all of about 3 minutes to make right before I left the house.

Get yourself some Chipotle because you'll need a bag of chips and whatever other Chipotle goodies you want to include. I entered into a costume contest and received 2nd place with this bad boy.. probably because I threw chips into the crowd. Everyone loves a bar snack. 

Wrap yourself in some seran wrap, followed by some tinfoil. Secure the tin foil with some tape. Stick a printed chipotle sign on the front and if you're feeling extra frisky, put something on the back like, "Unwrap me and dig in." Sorry, mom.

Side note, make sure to wear clothes underneath. This costume will not last you past 1am. Sitting is also completely out of the question.

And there you have it! Now I really want Chipotle, WAHHHHHHH.

I hope these costume ideas light a Halloween fire in your belly!


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