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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Welp, I knew it was a matter of time before I'd fall victim to this nasty cold that has been going around and it finally happened. I forgot how annoying/sexy it is to be a mouth breather #sorryJosh

Hadley and I have both been camped on the couch with boogie wipes & lots of movie marathons. Poor girl has the cold for a second time in a matter of weeks.. boogers everywhere. And lucky us, the power went out yesterday for about an hour so that really cramped our Richie Rich style. 

Today I can sorta breathe again and don't feel quite as crappy so why not pull together some inspiration for our office//playroom?!

We just recently got some new furniture for the room and a rug that is on it's way. I am soooo, so excited to put this room together! I've always envisioned a lot of color and whimsy for this part of the house so it's been fun hunting for the details. It's also been a bit of a challenge finding furniture that can hide all the toys for a quick clean up and can store all my supplies for the shop. 

I couldn't find a book shelf or storage unit that had closed cabinets on the bottom to keep a curious toddler out of there so I went with a dresser from a bedroom set and am planning on switching out the knobs and mounting shelves on the wall above. 

I think decorative knobs from Anthropolgie may be one of my favorite things on Earth. I try to stay away from that store because I use any excuse to buy unnecessary amounts of candles, kitchen fancies and pretty much anything else BUT these would be perfect for our new chest of drawers!

Well my friends, the tornado warning here has passed and Hadley finally went down for a nap so this girl is hitting the couch and hitting it HARD. 

Have a fabulous hump day.

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