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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

8 days until Thanksgiving you guys. 

I'll be dreaming of mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing and apple pie until then. While it does suck not being able to enjoy festive cocktails during the holiday season, I think being able to eat with absolutely no restraint makes up for it. Make room #ThompsonNumbaTwo! The food baby is coming in hot!

Yesterday all of us went to the OB to see our little gal on the ultrasound and Josh decided to take the rest of the day off to hang with his gals. We love when daddy plays hookie!!! Hopefully his boss isn't reading this... Hey Ryan!

After the doc, we went out to eat at a local diner (I ordered a Thanksgiving plate.... because I can't wait 8 days to indulge) and then visited Theodore Roosevelt Island to walk off our massive meals. Fun fact: I used to never eat stuffing or cranberry sauce until a few years ago. I'm glad I've finally learned to branch out because HOT DAMN that shit is good. 

It was a frigid but beautiful day out so we thought we'd get some fresh air, take some pictures and test out our winter jackets.

While we were at the diner I asked Hadley to pose with Josh. She put her arm around him and then proceeded to make the goofiest faces of all time. She also quickly realized it was really hard to eat her french fry and hold the ketchup bottle all with one hand. Life is so hard.

I am obsessed with Hadley's new winter jacket from Target. It's super warm, has a little peplum flare and you know I can't resist a good floral print. We also got her little boots from Target as well, and while she was really skeptical about wearing them at first, she barely notices them now. 

I am also obsessed with my winter jacket from Betsy Johnson last year. It is also a super warm puffer jacket like Hadley's and has a belted waist for a nice feminine touch. I couldn't find it in stock anywhere this year but I found a similar one below!

Here are the rest of our Winter weather picks for both mama & mini :)

For mama

For mini

I LOOOVE the fur coat for Hadley and think it would be so freakin' perfect for Christmas. She already has a couple coats so I'm still trying to justify that purchase. My new go to is, "But baby number two will be able to wear it since she's a girl!!!!" I don't think Josh is convinced....

The snowsuit looks like the comfiest thing on the planet but since we don't live in the Arctic tundra and don't think Hadley will get that much wear out of it we've decided to go with something a little more practical for our bank account... like these snow overalls from Target.

While the freezing cold can suck I do love winter style! There's just something so adorable about knit hats, am I right?!

I hope you're staying warm this week :)
Have a happy day!


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