Our Halloween + Sunday feast

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Holy hell, can you believe it's November?!!!

We had such a blast Halloween night.. I really can't believe how well Hadley did considering we had to wrestle her costume on her and rip it off her when the night was over. Great measuring skills, mom. She was a real trooper and especially loved running around with so many other kids!

She was a little shy going up to the houses for candy. Most of the time she would pick something out and then throw it right back in the bowl. Naturally, being the pregnant lady, I picked candy out for her. 

The rest of the weekend we went out to a nice family lunch for some extended birthday celebrations and then headed home to chillllll. It was so nice to do nothing but watch movies, lots of football, cook yummy food and EAT. I don't know what got into me Sunday morning, but I woke up and just wanted to cook everything I could. Must of been the time change and cool weather. 

I made my grandma's homemade tomato sauce and even brought back our old friend Soup Sunday and whipped up some tomato soup, my absolute favorite. Sidenote, I really need to invest in a normal size blender. We had a shit ton of leftover bagels + the tomato sauce + a whole bag of shredded mozzerella from Costco so OBVIOUSLY pizza bagels were a must as well.  

Hadley has been such a little cutie lately. She is obsessed with wearing necklaces (of all sorts) and hats lately. She also figured out how to open the doors and last night we found her shut in our hall closet crying.. poor girl!!! I'd be scared in there, too!!!

Yesterday we rode the metro downtown to meet my good pal and her family for lunch. I decided to venture out without the stroller and Hadley did so well! She walked with me the whole way and loved riding on the trains like a big girl. With her headband necklace. You go girl!!!

The rest of this week I'll be working hard to get my holiday collection up in the shop!! I am so pumped for you guys to see it.. the cards make me chuckle just thinking about them. I love a ridiculous card filled with Christmas cheer :) Can you believe the holiday season is upon us?! I can't wait for a hefty Thanksgiving feast and Christmas decorations!!! 

I hope you all had an absolute blast on Halloween!!!


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