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Friday, November 7, 2014


Holy CHILIDOG I am excited for the weekend!!! This week has been a little cray cray on the Hadley front thanks to something we like to call the No Nap Ninja... so I am extra excited for daddy to be home with us. PLUS, we're throwing our 2nd annual Chili Extravaganza tomorrow and I couldn't be more pumped for some yummy food :)

I'll post more deets after the party but I cannot WAIT to make these two fine lookin' desserts: Starbucks inspired pumpkin pound cake and mini salted caramel apple hand pies.

In other exciting but not so edible news, I've listed the first batch of holiday goodness in the shop

I have always been drilled by my mother to respect Thanksgiving and not decorate for Christmas until after the feast.. so OBVI a Thanksgiving print had to be added. You're welcome, mom! ;)

It's such a great message and beautiful font, you could keep this bad boy up all year long.

Okay, now that we've checked the Thanksgiving box..... CHRISTMAS!!!!

What better way to celebrate than with two classic quotes from two great holiday films.. 
Elf & Christmas Vacation.

If you haven't seen Christmas Vacation yet.. I think it's about time you popped that cherry. Chevy Chase is absolutely outrageous and if you've ever had a-not-so-jolly Christmas experience.. this movie will make you laugh until your cheeks hurt. Too good. I can't wait to buy a bar cart just to put this bit of Christmas cheer right on top.

You can find all three of these prints in my Etsy shop, Forever Fireflying.

Next week I'll be releasing my Christmas holiday cards that you can customize with your family photos and a ridiculous set of holiday greeting cards. I am soooo freakin' excited for you guys to see them! 

And because no post is complete without this jolly face...

A Holiday + chili cheers to you all!

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