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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Buying gifts for loved ones can be stressful. Especially if your family is large, time is limited and your bank account is quickly dwindling in front of your eyes.

But never fear!!!!

I am here with what I'm calling the 
ULTIMATE Gift Giving Guide. 

We've got something for the men, the women and the little tykes in your life. With a wide range of prices and a diverse selection, I'm sure there is something here to help you in a bind. The only advice I offer is to run, not walk, to checkout because shipping deadlines are fast approaching!

Enough of the chitter chatter. Let's do this THANG.

I personally own the felt hat, calligraphy set, bath oils and mason jar tumbler. I'm obsessed with all of them and would gift them to any lady in my life. I also own another poster from The Motivated Type and am currently obsessed with all of his prints! You may have seen it gracing my gallery wall on instagram (@lnhudson28). He has a quote for everyone and everywhere in your house.. you just can't go wrong.

"Thou shall not take shit" should be everyone's mantra, shouldn't it?

I feel like boys' gifts either cost $20 or $200, those expensive stinkers! 

A little bit of tech, a little comfort and some sentimental photos for all the men in your life. A couple of things to note.. the wireless smart phone charging station is for pretty much all phones but the iPhone. Josh owns this one and we know it works great (as compared to some that suck from past experience) but he's a non-iPhone user. Gasp, I know. You'll have to do some more digging for one that supports Apple.

Chatbooks may seem like an odd choice for a man but these books are beautiful and can capture a trip you took, your first year together or other sweet memories you share on instagram that I'm sure he'll love! Man tears for the win.

And finally, the August lock. For any of you who live in condos, townhomes or other places where your front door is so far away.. this thing is for you. You can control the lock and unlock feature from your smart phone and customize a list of visitors who can enter your home just by having their smart phone on them. Basically, it's super techy, straight from the Smart House movie and any man would kill for this door robot.

I think I may want the teepee for myself more than my own child. So freaking cool!!!

And there you have it! 

Gifts on gifts on GIFTS.

If you need more ideas, you can find some of my favorite Etsy shops and the products they offer here and Hadley's Christmas list from last year here

GOOD LUCK you little elves,

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