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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Now that I've been around the block with this whole pregnancy thing (you can read all the gory details here, if you dare) I am obviously a maternity expert. 



Half the time I don't even know what day it is but I digress.....

Anyways. Since I'm here almost 6 months pregnant with our second little babe and have found some great products that have been truly helpful throughout this process, I thought I'd share them with you beautiful people!

Gap maternity leggings - Having a good pair of leggings during pregnancy is like having a good parachute during sky diving... really necessary and life saving. Okay, that's a little dramatic but STILL very, very important. I haven't even stepped in a pair of real pants since September. And I'm not ashamed.

I prefer the over-the-bump style for comfort but I truly love both styles from Gap. The material is so perfectly soft. 

Bubba 32 oz. water tumbler - This seems like a silly thing to include but drinking water is so key during pregnancy (and life, really). They suggest drinking 64 ounces a day but with a large tumbler like this, I definitely double that. Easily. All that water might make you wiz every hour but your skin will glow and you'll feel wonderful.

Traditional Medicinals pregnancy tea - I've always been a fan of Traditional Medicinals tea and I recently discovered their pregnancy blend. The raspberry leaf is supposed to "prepare the womb"... whatever the hell that means... and it's refreshingly minty. 

The Bump Nest - Getting good sleep during pregnancy is not always easy but finding the perfect body pillow can make all the difference. When I was pregnant with Hadley I ordered a cheap pillow off Amazon that felt like it weighed a million pounds. Josh called it Sug and I ended up hating that thing.

This time around, I did my research and found my pillow soul mate in the Bump Nest. Super soft fabric, great support, enough pillow to wrap all the way around your bod and cute prints to boot. Definitely worth every dollar for as much as you'll use it.

ASOS maternity dress - For the rare moments that I need to wear something other than my go-to leggings, I always head to ASOS for their maternity styles. They have a huge selection and clothes that will make you feel beautiful when dressing the bump.

The Spoiled Mama tummy butter - I wasn't good about moisturizing while pregnant with Hadley and since stretch marks run in our family, I suffered some on my hips and legs. I tried a bunch of different things that I didn't love but something I found that worked for me was the Spoiled Mama bump gloss stretch mark oil for after birth. No product on the market is scientifically proven to remove stretch marks but I noticed a significant fading of mine over a few months. So this time around, I went with their tummy butter to try and stay nice and moisturized with baby number two. Fingers crossed it works just as well!

I can't believe in three short months we'll be parents to two baby girls. So crazy!!!!!!

I can't wait to meet you little babe. I already feel like I know you and we just love you so much!!!!

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