Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello my long lost friends! 

We're BACK. I truly can't believe how fast the time flew while we we're away. It was a wonderful holiday vacation and we're so happy we got to spend time with family we don't get to see enough. Many of our relatives we visited with hadn't seen Hadley since she was just 6 weeks old so they definitely got to meet a whole new gal! 

We bounced around the GINORMOUS state of Montana throughout our trip to see everyone. It's such a different world than DC and most places on the East coast. To get from one major city to another is usually a couple hours drive versus a 10 minute or less drive here. The winter there is unforgiving but absolutely breath taking. We enjoyed a spectacular white Christmas, and Hadley and I can now say we've experienced negative thirty degree temperatures. And didn't die. So, HA! Just call us true mountain women! 

We spent a few days up in Big Sky, a beautiful and well known ski resort out West. It was way too cold and I am way too pregnant to ski so hopefully we'll make it back out there some day so I can finally experience skiing on some fresh powder! 

We took Hadley swimming in the hot springs, visited with grandparents and saw lots of Christmas lights in Billings. But I think the best part for all of us was seeing Hadley play with all her cousins. She doesn't have many family members her age on this side of the country, so it was so fun seeing her looking up to all of them and running wild. She had such a blast! 

Can we talk about these sassy faces??
These two are nothin' but trouble together, I can already see it!!!!

We kept things low key for New Years. Josh's parents had some people over, him and his dad built a giant bonfire (classic, firemen) and we played Cards Against Humanity for several hours. I think we we're snoring in bed by 12:15. It was lovely.

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Aside from some minor stomach bugs and some major travel woes home, our trip was perfect. We miss everyone so much already and can't wait to be reunited again! Luckily with a baby on the way and a big wedding later this year, we have lots of excuses to get together in 2015 :)

Speaking of 2015, can you believe it's a brand new year?! Holy SHIT things are about to start poppin' off in the Thompson household!!!! I am so excited!!!!

Sending you lots of New Year love, motivation and happiness.

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