Movin' on up... to a big girl bed!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Hiya folks.

We've had some big changes over here in the last few days and things are feeling a little wAcKy in this house!!!

Last week, Hadley did what we've been expecting for the last few months... she flew the coop.

After midnight one night, she casually and very quietly walked into our room and scared the BAJESUS out of us. Do you know what it's like to wake up to a mini human standing at the edge of your bed staring at you? It's like a mix of being in a horror film and how the fuck did you do that???? If I weren't so creeped out right now, I'd be impressed!

The next night, we watched as she maneuvered her escape from that jail cell we call a crib. She hooked her long ass Thompson limb over the rails, shimmied over the bar and landed with a great big thud on the floor, free at last.

We quickly realized the big girl bed switch was going to have to happen sooner rather than later. This kid cannot be contained!!!!

We researched a bunch of different toddler and twin beds. I found a few twins I liked at Ikea (this one & this one) but we both thought a toddler bed was kind of pointless. We want to be able to lay with her and read/snuggle and a weight limit of 50 lbs just doesn't cut it. I think my boobs alone weight 50 lbs at this point. Since most of the twins turned out to be just about as much as buying a headboard for the full we already have in our guest room, we decided to just go with what we have.

So Hadley now has the BIGGEST big girl bed ever. It's ridiculous and awesome and she loves it.

Over the next few months we'll be converting our old guest room into the nursery. I've got so many ideas for both of their rooms, I just can't wait to get them going!!!!

We're going to start painting soon and I've been pinning decor ideas like mad if you're looking for some inspiration yourself (find my Pinterest here). I'll be sure to share all the details as we move along!

Saturday was her first night sleeping in that huge ass bed and she did really well. She laid down great and after about 10 minutes she was up at her door crying (we switched the door handles around so we could lock her in... I know, we're SOOOO evil but isn't that shit genius???!!!!). She cried for a solid 10 minutes and then tucked herself back into bed and fell asleep. SUCCESS.

Last night was not so great. We gave her another 10 minute window to cry it out (this time at midnight) and when she wouldn't let up, I went in to snuggle with her. Then she proceeded to get up and run to our room every 15 minutes for 2 plus hours. Not cool. Fingers crossed for this cranky lady that she gets the hang of it soon!!!!

I can't believe how big she's getting. The next few months will hold even more milestones with all those bloody molars coming in, getting rid of the paci (god help us) and the mother of all milestones..... POTTY TRAINING. We're super excited for all the pee and poop we're about to encounter!!!!!!

But for now, we'll take it one night at a time.



  1. I just LMAO!!! I was telling my husband "we'll be looking forward to this" as I'm reading it to him. My son is about to turn one and he is very active, non-stopping! Love reading your blog and your girl is precious!

    1. Gaby! Your comment just made my night!!!! There's no stopping these kids man... they crazy! I wish you lots of luck and no crib break outs for a while ;) Thanks so much for reading and commenting!


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