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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hey my people!

I hope all of you had a great weekend :) We we're productive as hell over here. If it's possible to nest 3 months before the baby is due I think that is definitely happening to me. I feel like cleaning and cooking have been all I want to do these days. So that's what we did!

We ordered some industrial Costco shelves for our garage so we could get it organized and fit our car in there! This is the kind of adult shit I get excited about now... organizing the garage! OMG! YAY! Our condo only comes with a 1-car garage and street parking can be limited so organizing our storage space is key. 

After some major purging we were able to make enough room for the car (SCORE!) and unpacked some boxes we've had sitting around since July. 

Next, I started tackling closets.

Closets are such a cluster fuck. I don't care who you are.. your closet has been a black hole of shoes, clothes you haven't worn in a good 4 years and unidentifiable junk. But a few shelves and storage baskets can at least help you manage the chaos. 

I got the storage system from Amazon for our hall closet. Hadley and I put it together so anyone can do it! That girl seriously loves her tools. It's perfect for storing itty bitty shoes, hats, gloves, sunscreen and any other loose items you might have chillin in your hall closet. 

I also got these hooks from Amazon and am in love with them. Once I started drilling I had a really hard time stopping. It's addicting to put holes in the walls I tell ya!!!!!! 

I also went HAM on the upstairs hall closet. I want to get some organizers for the medicine but other than that I'm so happy to check these things off my to do list! I don't know if it's the New Years vibe or baby nesting but I just can't be stopped!

Did you think I was done? 
There's more.

The ultimate girl clusterfuck... under the bathroom sink.

I wish I had some before shots of all these spaces so you could see the differences, but just trust me when I say it was rough. This is one of Hadley's favorite places to destroy so containers we're key. I also wanted to make sure everything had it's own spot so I can keep up with the cleanliness easily. 

I don't love my jewelry organizer and since Hadley keeps getting into that as well I'm planning on making a hanging jewelry display. I'll definitely post details on that once I put it together!

And there you have it! A super exciting post about organizing!!!! I hope this helps motivate you to declutter your spaces as well. I already feel so fresh and ready to work on all these other things I've had on my to do list. Like new goodies for the shop!

So here's to fresh beginnings and clean ass closets!

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