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Monday, January 26, 2015

Hey my peoples :)

I don't know about your neck of the woods but it is nasty as some poo outside over here. A snow storm is moving on in but it's not the pretty type. It's wet and icy and slushy and gross. So we've got a pot of Grandma Lucy's tomato sauce cookin on the stove, movies on deck and I've got some of my favorite weekday recipes to share with you guys! 

I've been attempting to tackle as many Pinterest recipes as possible since I have so much delicious looking food on my boards (you can find them all here). It's been fun cooking so many different things lately and I've collected a couple favorites that are yummy and really easy to throw together quickly. 

We love some chicken over here. And my latest obsession is chicken thighs. I'd go far as to argue that crispy chicken skin is even more delicious than bacon... but that's just me, don't kill me okay!!!!! 

My favorite way to cook chicken thighs is to pan roast them in a cast iron skillet until they're nice and golden brown on each side and then finish them in the oven. You can find all the details to the perfect crispy chicken thigh at Bon Appetit. You can make delicious sauces to go along with them, like this mushroom skillet from Damn Delicious

Another new chicken obsession of mine is rotisserie whole chickens. This is so awesome to do on a Sunday so you can eat up all the left over meat throughout the entire week. There are tons of different rotisserie recipes out there that claim to be the best but nothing convinces me like a full-fledge Buzzfeed investigation. So of course, I went with them. And it was truly delicious and super easy. 

Next time I think I'll try this one from the yuppy food genius herself, Ina Garten, to try some different flavors. 

For steaks, we usually keep it pretty simple with just salt, pepper and some Worcestershire sauce. We've also tried this recipe and I love the rosemary on there. 

If you're looking for some yummy piggy, this pork chop recipe is delicious! This herb roasted pork loin has also become a new favorite around here.

As for the sea creatures, I LOVE me some crab and salmon. You can peep this super easy crab cake recipe from my pops on this post and our absolute favorite salmon recipe here from Natasha's Kitchen. The lemon, parsley and dijon are such a bomb combo!!!

To go along with the main protein we usually roast some veggies up. My favorites are these roasted brussels sprouts, carrots and some caramelized onions with mushrooms. Another great side option is some rosemary roasted potatoes! Always a hit. 

And there you have it! Most of these things are staples around here and show up at least once a week on the nightly menu. Except the crab cakes.. those are usually a meal I save for special occasions or extreme pregnancy cravings but they're so damn easy I'm about to make them EVERY DAY!!!!! 

What are some of your favorite go-to dinners? I'm always looking to expand our recipe book around here!!

I'm also dying to try all of these slow cooker recipes. They all look so good I'm not sure where to start... RAMEN perhaps?! MMMMMM.

It's time for lunch, I can't take this torture any longer.



  1. I am obsessed with this banana, chocolate chip (I use semi-sweet chips instead of the vegan/dark chips they suggest), rolled oats, vanilla and coconut (optional) cookie recipe! They are SO easy to make and are sorta kinda healthy. I pop mine in the fridge after they have cooled off so I can have them as mini sweet snacks throughout the week. Here's the recipe: http://www.eatgood4life.com/banana-chocolate-chip-cookies/.

    1. Mmmm! I love any excuse to eat a cookie for breakfast.. totally counts if there is banana and oatmeal, am I right?! Thanks for sharing!!!


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