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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

You guys!!! 
I actually did something for the wedding.. aren't you so proud?! 

Planning has officially begun. Our wedding is in less than 9 months... which come on, let's get real. If that's enough time to make a whole baby, that is plenty of time to plan a wedding. Am I right? Yes? Yes, of course it is. I'm not stressing at all.

So far, we've got our venue and band booked. I used wedding wire to hunt down venues in our area (you can wedding hunt EVERYTHING on this site) and Sam Hill Entertainment to find the perfect band. I love the idea of live music at our wedding.. I think it'll really take the party vibe to the next level! Plus, I really gotta get Josh dancing and I think befriending the band will help. In addition to oodles and oodles of booze.

You can see pictures and read about our venue in this post. It was the first place we visited and I instantly fell in love with the property. I can't wait to see it when it's all in bloom!

Now that we've got some of the essentials checked off the list, I thought I'd do something a little more fun next and ask the gals to join our wedding party!

I always had this idea that I wanted to do a small gift box of some sort with goodies inside that related to love and we're inspired by the kind of ceremony we want to have. For me, one of the most important parts of this big day (besides, you know, tying myself to Josh FOREVA) is making it unique, thoughtful and hand made. Truly a day, and a gift, to remember!

First, I started with a small piece of jewelry that they could wear for any occasion, maybe even the big day! I found these dainty, vintage heart earrings on Etsy at Little Pancakes and they were just what I was looking for! Her shop is perfect, so many amazing statement and every day pieces! I'm definitely going back for the stacking rings and hammered bar necklace.

Once I found the earrings I thought a jewelry dish would be the perfect addition to the gift box. And low and behold, A Beautiful Mess posted a DIY marbled clay ring dish and the gift gods sang down on me!!!! 

This was hands down one of the most fun DIYs I've EVER done. Not only is it easy but it's nearly impossible to mess it up. And added bonus, they take 15 minutes to bake! NO JOKE. 

I only intended to make 8 dishes but was having so much fun I ended up making 12 so I could keep some for myself and give some to the mother of the bride and mother of the groom!

In addition to the earrings and jewelry dish, I also gave each bridesmaid a gift card to Chipotle. Because, CHIPOTLE. 

For the box itself, I wrote a mushy, gushy quote about love on the inside and painted the top with chalkboard paint. I used these wood boxes from Amazon and thought the quality was pretty great for the price. I wrote each of their names on the top, filled the boxes with their goodies and VOILA! 

The only thing left to complete the gift was a special card.

I saw some beautiful watercolor paintings by April Heather and thought I might be able to recreate something like that for the cards. I had so much fun getting crafty and finding a reason to bust out watercolor paints! 

I started by sketching them in pencil, outlining parts in sharpie and then filled them in with watercolor. If you don't feel comfortable picking up the paintbrush yourself, April sells them in her shop at such a reasonable price! If there's anything more special than a thoughtful card, it's a hand painted one!

I had so much fun putting these gifts together for some of the most special ladies in my life. Most of them have been there for me before I ever knew Josh existed.. before this crazy wonderful part of my life started. They've helped shape who I am today and I am so grateful for all of their love and support. 

If you want more inspiration on gifts for your bridesmaids check out 15 Awesome Things To Do For Your Bridesmaids

I'm also happy to report, they all said yes. 



  1. You are so amazingly talented!!

  2. Amazing! It's nice to see how it all came together. You are gifted my dear. I was happy to see that my box made the blog cut hehehe. Can't wait to stand by your side :) Love ya!

    1. Of course!!! Thanks for accepting... really appreciate avoiding that embarrassment ;) LOVE YOU!

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